Orgainizers Cancel “Gay Pride” Parade In Serbia

It seems that there are still countries out there that do not tolerate sodomites. I think it is important to post positive news when it comes, God knows there is enough of the negative.

I reported back in June 2009 that Vladmir Putin put a stop to “gay pride” parades in Moscow.

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Organizers have canceled Serbia’s gay pride march after authorities said they could not guarantee protection for the event from extremist groups.

The gathering was to be Serbia’s first gay pride march since 2001. The previous event received almost no police protection and was broken up by rightist groups.
The planned march was seen a major test for the current Serbian government, which has launched pro-Western reforms and pledged to protect human rights.
But organizers said Saturday authorities have informed them that the march in downtown Belgrade was too risky. Spokesman Dusan Kosanovic says police offered a different venue but organizers decided to cancel the march instead.
Several extremist groups had said they would attack the gathering.

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