Swindlers List

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Barry Tannenbaum… South African CEO who persuaded people to invest in his companies — Frankel International and Frankel Chemicals — by offering returns of up to 216% per year. Accused of swindling some 1,200,000,000 USD from investors who foolishly took him up on it. Fled to Australia and now resides in Sydney.

Boris Berezovsky… Business tycoon found guilty in a Russian court of a 4,500,000 USD fraud; as well as for the theft of millions of from Aeroflot. Fled to the UK and all requests for his extraditon have been met with a flat refusal by Her Majesty’s government.

Arthur Nadel… Hedge fund manager accused of swindling 300-350,000,000 USD from his investors in yet another Jewish ponzi scheme. He left a phony suicide note, a la Sam Israel, but turned up alive and well, and surrounded by lawyers, a few days later.

Bernard Madoff… 50-60,000,000,000 USD swindled from investors in a self-described “Ponzi scheme”.

Marc Dreier… New York lawyer who embezzled 380,000,000 USD from his clients.

Lou Pearlman… One time manager of the Backstreet Boys. 300,000,000 USD swindled in a Ponzi scheme.

Neal Sher… Holocaust lawyer and former OSI prosecutor of John Demjanjuk (who was mistakenly/falsely prosecuted as a former concentration camp guard, “Ivan the Terrible”.) Embezzled an unstated amount from the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (ICHEIC)

Aron Bielski/Bell.. WW2 partisan whose life was the subject of books and movies. Tricked an elderly Polish woman, who’d herself been imprisoned by the nazis, into giving him power of attorney. Bielski/Bell then took her to Florida on the pretext of revisiting Poland, put her in a nursing home, then returned to empty her bank account of 250,000 USD before police caught up with him.

Andy Fastow… Former CFO of Enron. Famed for his creative balance sheet “modifications” that showed Enron turning a good profit, when in fact it was racking up huge losses.

Jack Abramoff… Washington DC lobbyist, tax evader, embezzler. Best known for swindling a number of AmerIndian tribes out of 20-40,000,000 USD while supposedly assisting them in getting Federal gaming licenses.

Sam Israel… Hedge fund guru who defrauded his investors out of some 450,000,000 USD.

Gary Winnick… Global Crossings debacle mastermind. Used the company as his personal piggy bank; and his creative accounting skills to keep employees and investors in the dark even as he himself was cashing in his own Global Crossings stocks. As the company was going bankrupt he bought himself a $90,000,000 USD estate in Bel-Air.

Robert Maxwell (Jan Ludvik Hoch)… British entrepreneur and embezzler. Tricked Mother Theresa into joining him in a phony charity photo op, then pocketed the proceeds. Used his companies as his own personal cookie jars, and when that wasn’t enough to support his luxuries, embezzled hundreds of millions of British pounds from his employee’s pension funds. Died under mysterious circumstances and was buried on the Mount of Olives.

Barry Minkow… Entrepreneur and ponzi scheme swindler who took his company and investors for USD $100-200,000,000. Served seven and one half years in prison. Now a “born-again” Christian minister.

Marc Rich… Commodities trader who fled the US after being charged with tax evasion and making illegal oil deals with Iran during the hostage crisis of the late 1970’s. Pardoned by Bill Clinton on his last day in office.

Pincus Green… Partner of Marc Rich, indicted for the same reasons, pardoned by Bill Clinton on his last day in office.

Michael Milken… The infamous “Junk Bond King” of the 1980’s. Specializing in very high-risk securities, Milken and his many dupes ladened the US taxpayer with $tens of billions USD worth of debt in order to clean up the mess they left following the collapse of his financial house of cards.

Ivan Boesky… Inside trader. Fined $100,000,000 USD for his illegal arbitrageur activities.

David Solomon… Inside trader. Took a plea bargain and was fined $8 million USD for insider trading. As part of the plea deal he agreed to testify against Michael Milken.

Martin Frankel… US financier convicted of insurance fraud, racketeering and money laundering. Swindled his customers out of an admitted $208,000,000 USD.

Sholam Weiss… Insurance consultant. Swindled customers of National Heritage Life Insurance comapny out of an undetermined amount ($25-$250,000,000 USD). Fled the country with much of the money. Caught in Brazil and extradited back to the US, he’s currently serving the longest prison sentence ever handed down for a white collar crime.

Martin Siegel… Inside trader. Charged with SEC violations of at least $33,000,000 USD illegally obtained, Siegel turned state’s evidence against others similarly charged and got off with a reduced sentence.

Dennis Levine… Inside trader. Convicted of securities fraud, obstruction of justice, tax evasion and perjury, he was sentenced to two years in prison and fined.

The New Square Four: Chaim Berger, Kalmen Stern, David Goldstein, Jacob Elbaum… These gents set up a phony, non-existant Yeshiva School in Brooklyn, NY then swindled the US Federal government out of $40,000,000 USD for various grants, loans and subsidies.

Rudolf Vrba… Writer of self-described, “embellished” holocaust memoirs.

Herman Rosenblatt… Another author of a fictional “holocaust memoir”.

Misha Defonseca… Wrote a fantastic holocaust “memoir” of, among other things, living with a pack of wolves, and, killing with her bare hands, a German soldier who was trying to rape her… when she was all of seven years old! Naturally this psychotic fantasy received rave reviews in the mainstream media and Defonseca pocketed about 15,000,000 USD before her pathological lies were outted. Defonseca now denies that she is, or ever was, Jewish.

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