The Truth About Homosexuals

The Jewish controlled media leads the charge in pushing the “gay rights” agenda on Western Civilization.  The Jews of course realize the destructive force of sodomy on the morality of our once Christian culture.  The push this agenda and make “gay” people seem so happy on TV and in movies and make it out to be just a big joke.  Yet the harsh, sick reality of homosexuality is in stark contrast to what you see increasingly on TV.  

Here are several articles the will undoubtedly prove the above statements.

1. Jews and Homosexuality
2. Queer Jew Argues in Favor Of Beastiality

Finally the most shocking, and frankly  there is no other word for the images that are contained in this link.  If you doubt for a second that they are the most vile, twisted, demented pieces of filth on planet earth click this link.  I will warn you it is extremely graphic.

Degenerate Fags

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