Katie Piper, The Evils of Racemixing



This is truly a tragic story of what was once a beautiful blond haired blue eyed beauty completely disfigured by a negro.   Sadly she fell for the Jewish trap for whites to interbreed with Negroes.
Here is a quote from a Fabian Socialist Jew from 1913

We must realize that our Party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries have been oppressed by the Whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party … In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While enflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will instill in the Whites, a guilt complex for the exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negroes will be able to intermarry with the Whites, and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

You can read the full story here and info on the rapist here
If you know anyone who is considering entering into a relationship with a Negro it is your duty to tell them about stories like this,  we need to wake up our race and provide them with the facts that ALL RACES ARE NOT EQUAL.

50 thoughts on “Katie Piper, The Evils of Racemixing

  1. sorry but the man who hurt this girl just happened to be black! do not get carried away with hate. the world is full of white people who hurt white people, white people who hurt black people, black people who hurt black people and black people who hurt white people. There are countless mixted relationships that are happy and fruitfull. DON’T GET CARRIED AWAY WITH YOUR THEORIES – IT DOES NOT GOOD.

    • That’s pure rubbish and Whites are in a bind having to accommodate for the pathologies of Negroes and mestizos but most of all we’ve got to rid our lands of the Jews. They are the source of all of mankinds troubles, because they revel against the Logos and are the revolutionist that fight against the order of the universe.

  2. Well the thing of it is Anon, that blacks are infinitely more likely to commit crimes against Whites than vice versa. Here are some statistics you may enjoy.

    * Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.
    * Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.
    * Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.
    * Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa.


  3. Although you have afew facts there, it still doesn’t mean that all black people are violent and will commit crimes. If one of my ‘white’ friends decides to be with a ‘black’ man, what right do I have to say “dont get with him because of..” any of those facts? Id come across compeletey racist. If two people are happy together, why does it matter what skin colour they are? Its just a horrible thing that happened to Katie, and her attacker happened to be black and abit sick in the head aswell.

    • Statistically it’s more likely than not. Your dealing with a race that has a lot of testosterone, the warrior gene and a very low IQ at around 80 which is a lethal combination in a modern civilization. You’ll only get it once you’re a statistic and not before, something about whites that always perturbed me was they had to learn it “the hard way”.

  4. Sophie

    Who claimed all blacks are violent or will commit crimes? I’ll let you draw your own conclusions based on the evidence.

    Here is a chart from the US Department Of Justice Table 42 breaks down crime by race.
    of the 111,000 rapes in America no black women were raped by White males while 36,000 White women were raped by Black males.

    Blacks are 13% of the population and 60% of the total crime in the United States. As you pointed out you have no right to tell your friends to do anything just as I have no right to tell you what to do, however I do have an obligation to share the facts with as many people I can so that they can make an informed decision.

    Thanks for the comment.

  5. This is ridiculous. If people are so quick to quote figures showing blacks as more prone to committing crime, surely they would know the problems with such statistics. I can’t believe how ignorant and stupid people would be, to think that a persons race would define them as a good or bad, violent or peace loving person.

    • Genetics and your race is the problem and this has nothing to do with poverty. Your race is geared to this way of being.

  6. `that thomas paine guy is a hypocritical prick ..
    you talk all about black people .. but do you remember slavery ..
    white men raping black women .. etc .. killing off children that you ‘whites’ thought were suppose to be intellegent .. or strong etc .. so b4 you bring those bulls*** of statistics think about your own race .. you dickhead .. !

  7. LOL

    It may surprise you that I don’t remember slavery of any kind. If I did I would be over 150 years old.

    I have read stories about slvaery, where Whites, blacks, jews, mexicans etc were forced into slavery by one group or another. However I don’t see how any of these events has anything to do with blacks being 13% of the population of the US and 58% of the crime. Perhaps you could explain this correlation since you seem to have such an intimate knowledge of the situation.

  8. This is so incredibly sad…Thomas you seem like the type to speak badly of black people with any chance you get and that is really sad. There are many crimes committed by whites on blacks that are not reported so your statistics may very well be off. If you have had bad experiences with black people don’t count them all bad and the same goes for a black person who’s had bad experiences with white people. In this country we should really be past the racism and stereotypes and realize their is no such thing as a superior race. When it really comes down to it ‘your race’ won’t be a deciding factor on your day of judgement before God. I pray that you change your way of thinking Thomas and allow God to change your heart because your perspective is extremely dissappointing…you shouldn’t add to the fire but rather try to put it out. Racism, prejudice, and discrimination is wrong…no matter how people try to justify it…peace. God Bless You Thomas.

  9. While I appreciate your civil tone and ability to form a complete sentence (you wouldn’t believe some of the illiterate morons who try and post comments)I have to disagree with your assessment.

    First you claim that Whites commit crimes on blacks that aren’t reported so my facts aren’t valid. However unless you prove otherwise this is just speculation on your part and hold no water.

    You say that there is no such thing as a “superior race” and although I don’t think I’ve ever said that on this website, it is a fact. Think about it like this, is there no superior NFL football team? Or MLB team?

    At this website I deal in facts, not what I wish were facts, but cold hard Truths that can be proven through verified. The FACT of the matter is that blacks commit an insanely disproportionate number of crimes when compared with Whites. This cannot be disputed because it is the Truth.

    You say that I should allow God to change my heart but nowhere in the Bible does God command people to ignore the Truth. For example.

    John 8:31-32
    If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    John 17:17
    Sanctify them through truth: thy word is truth.

    II Thessalonians 2:10-13
    And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. But we are bound to give thanks always to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth.

    The sub title of this Blog is “Where The Whole Truth Is Our Only Goal” and I promise you that I have no ulterior motives. One of the main reasons I started this website is because it was hard to know who you can trust online, so many people get paid off and get paid to ignore things that go on. I do not get paid, I am in nobodies pocket and I will report the Truth, and the stories the Jewish Controlled media ignores.

    If you keep an open mind then I sincerely hope you will, continue to browse this website. Within 2 years it has already become a wealth of information that has been collected. As always if you find anything that is factually inaccurate just send me an email or leave a comment and I will research into your findings. Thanks for your time.

  10. Hello Thomas, I still respect your opinion and
    Greetings Thomas,

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. I know that you deal with facts so I have found some factual info for you to consider(although this still in my opinion doesn’t make it ok to say that miscegenation or the dating between blacks and whites should not occur).

    This is from the United States Department of Justice(I know it’s not worldwide info but the U.S. is mainly where Black on White or White on Black crime persists) so hopefully for you this will suffice.

    This info is from 2005 but not too far back to rule out the results as sufficient for the present time.

    From these results you can see that Black on Black crime is much higher than Black on White crime and with these results the crime against whites show a much higher percentage of their offenders being “white” rather than “black” so this also shows that White on White crime is much higher than Black on White crime.

    The United States Department of Justice complies statistics on crime by race, but only between and among people categorized as black or white. According to the U.S. Department of Justice document Crimminal Victimization in the United States, there were overall 3,201,320 white and 507,210 black victims of violent crimes reported in 2005. Out of the 3,201,320 cases involving white victims, 63.6% (2,358,625) had white offenders and 17.2% (550,627) had black offenders, while the 507, 210 black victims had a figure of 73.3% (371,785) black offenders and 10.4% (52,750) white offenders.

    There were 111,490 white and 36,620 black victims of rape or sexual assault reported in 2005. Out of the 111,490 cases involving white victims, 44.5%(49,613) had white offenders and 33.6% (37,461) had black offenders, while the 36,620 black victims had a figure of 100% black offenders, with a 0,0% estimation for any other race based on ten or fewer sample cases.

    Anyway, despite all the statistics, it doesn’t make us right to say that certain races shouldn’t mix with other races. The most intelligent thing to do is to test every person that says they love you or care for you. Actions always speak louder than words. Katie Piper’s situation was extremely horrid and I would never wish that upon anyone. She saw the warning signs and said so herself but allowed herself to be convinced despite the warnings she admits were given to her. That still doesn’t make that act of violence committed against her just or right.

    Anyway I’m really not up for the continuous debate but I do hope you take the statistics provided into some consideration. Also I hope you had a wonderful Thanks Giving if you celebrate it. Take care and God Bless

  11. Just too eliminate any confusion with the beginning of my post it should have just said Greetings Thomas, and also complied should be “compiled” I type kind of fast so excuse the typo grammatical errors are one of my pet peeves so I had to correct myself lol and there might even be more in there anyway take care and God Bless you

  12. I did have a good Thanksgiving and hope you did as well.

    On to your statistics.

    I’m not sure where you are from but in the US Blacks are only 13% of the entire population. This is a very small percentage yet they commit nearly 60% of the total crime.

    As the DOJ stats point out (I’m kinda surprised that you posted this) of all the black rape victims they had 100% black offenders. This means fewer than 10 of the nearly 40,000 black women raped annually in the US were done by white males.

    The same statistics go on to prove that of the 111,000 white women who are raped in the US annually less than 45% of the rapists are White even though whites are 75% of the population.

    So even though blacks are only 13% of the population they still manage to rape more women annually than Whites who are 75% of the population. And that was my whole point of this post. While the jewish controlled media might portray one thing the facts speak for themselves. You said that we have no right to tell anyone who to date and I agree. However I do have a duty to inform people of the Truth since what they get in the media are nothing but distortions.

    If you want to see where America will be in 50 years look to South Africa. Blacks wanted their “equality” and now the country is plagued by daily rolling blackouts, out of control crime, disease and famine.

  13. Not sure of the stats here in the uk, however the last stats showed far, far more Blacks were involved in drug supply and violent crime, something like 80% if my memory serves me well!

    Sorry, but its in there blood!! Maybe its because they are not trusted and outcasted, because of color, that they have to finance their lives by crime!! As to the the reasons why they go on to rape, heaven knows but I do know something, the stats are not going unnoticed and the day will come here, and in the UK as well as the USA when the tables will be turned!!

  14. OMG!!

    Get a life!! it is not about black or white, i watched this programme about this brave brave girl and she did not make it into a race issue so HOW dare any of you??? the sad fact is there are evil people in this world regardless of the color of their skin and what we need to do, like Katie and her family have done is move forward and stop hating on people because ‘THEY ARE DIFFERENT’!!! seriously if you opened your eyes and watched the programme again you might see that Katies message WAS ‘it is what is on the inside and NOT the outside that counts’.

  15. @ The above comment.

    You make it painfully obvious that you haven’t read or grasped any of the STATISTICS that were put forth thus far in the comments.

    Until you can give a rebuttal to anything I have posted I’m not going to waste my time and explain things twice.

  16. it is disappointing to think that the world has not moved forward when it comes to racial issues. it is impossible to convince you Thomas, that facts are not important. my very best friend is black and she is a great person, it has got nothing to do with the colour of her skin. you seem proud to be white but it is just by chance that you are.
    i don’t know if you are aware that human beings actually came about in africa- all our ancestors were black.
    i really hope that one day you will see that skin colour means nothing at all in this life and that we are all equal human beings.
    you are very fond of your facts but there are more important things than facts, love ,respect and equality being a few of them

  17. @ the above comment.

    Perhaps I lack the ability to convey my thoughts via text because we seem to have a misunderstanding.

    I (nor anyone) has ever claimed that all blacks are pshyco paths like the guy in this story, nobody claims that ALL blacks are idiots or, lazy or criminals or whatever.

    I do claim though that you are far more likely to be raped by a black male than a white male, the same goes for robbery, murder etc. I have pointed those out with the FBI’s own stats (not to mention they lump hispanics in with Whites for the statistics)

    So the facts speak for themselves. I find it interesting that in light of these statistics you still think people are equal. Men and Women aren’t equal in most areas does that mean one group is worth more than the other? Of course not, but don’t kid yourself and think everyone is equal.

    As for all of us coming from Africa and that our ancestors were black. LOL, something that silly isn’t even worth wasting time on.

  18. Who makes it their job to gather such stats? and what year did those stats start since you focus so much on facts?
    I’m sure the white on black crime % is greater if you take into account slavery time period or even the days of MLK..lynchings burnings..hmm I wonder what the real percentages are?

  19. Now now people, Thomas Paine here has the right to believe anything he wants. My husband and I have both served in the military to defend a scrap of paper stating that Free Speech will not be taken away, even from the grotesquely stupid. Mr Paine has the god-given right BE that stupid, and unfortunately to spread his idiotic hate-mongering to those who will listen. Just because he’s the reason some unfortunate blacks will believe all whites think as he do; or because some impressionable, ignorant, white will take up his bloody banner; these are not reason to key his car, spit in his coffee, scoff disgustedly at his diatribes and simply close the window or tab of his world-wide-display of nothing better to do in life than be a complete ignorant prick…

    Oh wait.. those are all GREAT ideas!
    Wake up Mister Hate-Monger. A person with resources such as yourself is simply choosing to be this ignorant.

    WeyrCat – WeyrCat.Com

  20. Woaw there! Where’s the hate? The only hate I’m detecting (with overtones of violence to boot) are coming from Janna A. Kepley. The only overtones of ignorance are all of the anonymoyus posts who decry facts and figures and offer absolutely nothing to back up their own opinions (until it’s backed up, it’s an opinion).

    It’s possible to skew or nitpick statistics, but hypocrisy (directly inciting violence and hate) and willing ignorance (unwillingness to look at established facts) are not arguments of any sort.

    Mr. Paine makes some interesting statements, and he’s got some solid facts to back them up. If you disagree, dig up something contrary.

    Janna, you and your husband are unbelievably self-deluded if you think shooting people in a foreign land is protecting your free speech. It’s absurd to even try to make that connection. And if you think it’s okay to intimidate people because you don’t agree with them (key his car, etc.), then YOU are the one who’s repressing free speech; you’re the enemy of the United States; YOU ARE A TERRORIST (by definition, intention, and deed).

  21. Thanks for the comment Patrick. Glad to see some there are some rational people who read this blog. I’m interested to see if anyone takes you up on your challenge.

    Have a good weekend.

  22. wow, do racist people have lifes?? Must you be so anal about stupid shit. Every race commits crime, theres bound to be one race that floats above the rest. You wanna spend your time looking up “facts” go ahead. Im just sorry ignorant people like you waste your life.

  23. How can anyone argue Mr. Paine’s point this is factual data as a criminology major I can atest to the validity of his argument. This is REALITY. The Jewish media has done a superb job brainwashing the masses. My suggestion is to turn off the TV people. Wake up. Our culture is becoming more and more eroded. Do you people remember the OJ Simpson trial, We all know he murdered his white wife Nicole Brown he got off only to be imprisoned for armed robbery. This was a supposedly wealthy successful former NFL star. If any white women are seriously considering dating a black, they should at least be aware of the facts and know what they could potentially have to deal with. Have caution white women your wellbeing may be at stake. God bless you Thomas keep up the great work. The truth has set you free.

  24. This site is ignorant and so are you. God is not going to let you into heaven because of your race. You guys need to get a life and get a clue. If youb do not want interracial dating, then don’t get involved. Let people make their own decisions—who are you to say that someone will become a victim because of interracial dating/marriages! Grow up!

  25. oookkk sooo you are a criminology major and you do not realize why these so called “facts” came out to be this way, wooooowww. Either you go to the dumbest school or you just must be the dumbest person. So on that note let me enlighten you and Thomas Paine a little bit. Blacks in the U.S. (dont know about other countries, I live in D.C.), being only 13% of the population, make up for the largest percentage of crime because they have been living in poverty ever since they were brought over here from Africa. Most blacks in this country have had only about 1/10 of the opportunities that whites have in this country. Now I am white, and even I acknowledge this cause seriously it’s true. Lets not forget that America is WHITE, essentially everything in this country is run by white man ( well except for Obama). Sooo to Thomas Pain, it should not be a suprise to you that blacks make up most of the crime in this country (U.S.), plus WHITE COLLAR crime is not taken into account in any of your so called “FACTS”, which is mostly commited by white man. Again in any country or societed you go to, the group/race livin in the most poverty, will ALWAYS most likely make up the largest percentage of criminals. They essentially are left with very litter options and its a sad thing. Some blacks manage to prevail through the poverty and misery (the Ghetto) but most get sucked into it. Its a matter of environment, some are born into nice ones and some of us aren’t. Nature of life. SO, to Thomas Paine and the rest of you, in interpreting your “FACTS” you should first ask your self WHY these FACTS are the way they are, and second what do they REALLY mean and not so much on what their saying. I think Thats all folks. Oh one more thing, Any women who decides on whether or not to date a black man on these “Facts” hahahha is just….hahah I dont even know what to say to that RIDICULOUS

  26. Rhetorical: Can you explain the recent Charlie Sheen situation of the Ryan Leslie murder of his girlfriend?

    Theses types of situations are just wrong. Race has nothing to do with an individual’s own battle with selfishness and needing to possess and control another human. The crimes that happen to these women are because of a man’s desire to be a God, owner, world creator (even if it’s his own small world). That need is what also started things such as slavery.

    If Katie got involved with any of the world’s selfish white men that have assualted or murdered a woman the same would have happened.

    Idiots are in every race, color, and blog. There are good people within each group, also. A color doesn’t make a person’s intention good or bad. The body forms around, develops throughout the years, and then deteriorates around each soul that is born. It is our obstacle to just see it as a vessel for the being living within but not the being himself.

    If the abusive problem, as you state, is within racial mixing and not an individuals mind then, why was the pursuit of it initiated by whites on a boats that pulled on the shores of Africa. Africans didn’t even attempt to take European women and bring them to another land that their government didn’t approve of just so the rape and control of other humans could occur. This was after doing the same to American Indian women.

    You’re a person that will automatically see the shallow differences in another human until you or your loved ones need the same blood type of organs of another human that just so happens to have more pigment in their skin.

    There’s not a problem of racial mixing there’s a problem with mixing ignorance, like this blog. If you believe that every white person is intelligent, caring, and not harmful to you, you may want to check the history of kidnapping and pedophiles in America. If you want to use numbers to prove a point then use the stats that tell of mass murder crimes and serial killing. What is the difference in 12 black men killing 15 white men and one white man killing 300 at one time? Both commit crimes, one is just more effective number wise towards an evil cause. Each one has an individual emotional detachment of PEOPLE.

    You can not validate an invalid point.

    p.s. You could have put pics up of white men eating roadkill (Rednecks), doing any of the stunts from the show Jackass, or blowing up buildings full of their own people. You can also put up pics of black firefighters and police officers saving the lives of many other people. Both types exist but don’t support your unsupported theory I guess.

  27. What about white men who date black women? Sure there aren’t as many as black men dating white women, but why is everybody focusing on white women dating other races?

  28. To all of the statistic mongers here, how many innocent non white people have been killed by the U.S. and “allied” militaries in Iraq?

    How many innocent non white people have been killed by the U.S. and “allied” militaries in Afghanistan?

    Of course we all know the answer is in the thousands upon thousands.

    Everywhere white militaries go they all but certainly leave in their wake destruction, devastation and absolute death.


    Crime, as you call it, is being measured only for your convenience. And crime is being discussed in a historical perspective also, only for your convenience.

    To say that a crime committed against a whole people is no longer relevant because it happened 4, 5, 6 generations ago is irresponsible and it defies sociological realities.

    So it’s true today your fat and well fed average white U.S. citizen is not a serious criminal. However, when your cherished white ancestors were poor and outcast by the older portions of white society, i.e. Irish immigration in the 19th century, Italian immigration in the early 20th century, etc., do you know what happened?

    The poorer groups have always led the way in crime statistics.

    You hate mongers who pretend that the U.S. is a free country seem never to be able to calculate the poverty which continues to be suborned and mandated by white business and industry.

    The ongoing and thoroughgoing discrimination which your very words enunciate with clarion certainty are the destruction of your gibberish.

    I challenge one of you to take an honest look at racism and discrimination and see it as what it is. It is the destruction of peace in society and the cause of many of the woes which are so cheaply heaped upon the most woeful of the society your own people have created.

  29. If we where to remove the word black and make this a debate about pitbulls around children, then given these stats, one would be foolish or stupid to allow a pit put bull around there children. Yes,there are some wonderful, loving, kind pitbulls out there. And if you think you got one of them and let your children play with it, Don’t be shocked when your kid gets mauled.
    You knew the FACTS going in.(Or you should have) You just thought you knew this dog better then you did.(he was raised diffrent)
    What Thomas is saying is you should know the diffrence between pitbulls and cocker spanials.
    If all dogs are equal, why don’t they use attack
    cocker spanials as police dogs.

    All that said we must not treat anyone or dog badly because of breed or race. A wise person just knows when not to stick his hand out.
    If you choose to ignor FACT and stick your politicly correct nieve hand out, and it gets acid on it, Well maybe you should have thought about that.

  30. @ Anonymous with the rhetorical question.

    As you point out there are idiots of every ethnicity. However as the facts point out there are far more criminals of all kinds that are black and hispanic than any other race.

    So the bottom line is and the whole reason for this post was to inform people to exactly what the rape rates, murder rates, abuse rates are etc for black compared to Whites.

    Some have argued “oh, they commit crime because they are poor” etc. The topic of why they do it is a subject for another post, but the fact is that they do it and your odds of being harmed by a black or hispanic male are far greater than that of a White man despite what jewish owned MTV would have you believe.

  31. @ Lisa

    As I have pointed out in previous comments, I want people to be aware of the facts and statistics then and only then can they make an informed decision.

    I make this post (and in large part this blog) for the purpose of providing the facts and figures so that people can be informed about the Truth on a variety of subjects.

    As you can clearly see by the comments in this post alone, you have some on one side who provide facts and figures regarding the color of crime, and on the other you have people who throw around shallow ad hominem attacks and attempt to excuse away bad behavior.

  32. ok. While reading all of the comments, only one thing came to my mind. Yes, there are statistics and yes they do point to blacks being more prone to commite crimes. However, people are not statistics. People are not numbers. People do not follow patterns the same way every time. No matter how many numbers you throw at me, there is always the freedom of choice that will prevent people from being in these categories. Even if 9/10 people fall into the sterotypical thought of a violent black person, that 1 person who doesn’t deserves the chance to not be grouped with the rest. That one person, deserves to not be judged by you, who have NO idea where they have come from, where they have been, or where they are going. Since we don’t know who that one or move person is, we must let everyone prove who they are. You, I’m sure, have many sterotypes surrounding you. I’m not sure what you fall under, but I’m certain you have broken many of those boundaries that have surrounded you since you were born. Personally, first hearing your ideas, I would have assumed you were just purely racist with no reasoning at all. I was wrong, even though I couldn’t disagree anymore with your logic. So, although people of a certain race tend to flock together to share their similarities and tend to start the same habits, you must never judge before you know them, because you may be very surprised with who they may turn out to be. Thank you.

  33. Treat everyone with respect. Do not treat anyone badly because of race. Date, marry or lay with whomever you choose.
    The choice and consequences are your to deal with. But the wise person should be aware of the satistical facts when making a choice.


  34. @ The above comment.

    Nobody advocates treating anyone badly based on race, I do advocate learning the Truth before entering into any situation.

    I also find your comment “Date, marry or lay with whomever you choose.The choice and consequences are your to deal with.” to be extremely selfish.

    While I am a libertarian I recognize that your actions affect others around you and not just yourself. Mainly in this case your offspring. So the consequences of your actions are not necessarily only yours to deal with.

  35. There should be a special jail for someone like this that could commit such a horrible crime against a helpless innocent victim. The men that commited this crime should be hung in their cell by their ankles and each day have a little more of thier skin peeled away. Let them hang and rot in their cells in excruciating pain until the day they die. The guy who runs this website is frustrated as are many of us. Any filthy scum in a civilized society can perpetrate any vile crime they like and the most that will be done back to them is that they will be locked in jail with their filthy scum brothers to live out their filth scum lives watching TV. These types of crimes happen every day. This dirty peice of filth rapes and disfigures a poor woman. Some filty pervert violates a child. Some lawless bully punches a weaker person in the face just for the fun of it. They should all be held accountable, removed from society and tortured accodring to the severity of their crime. If justice was served and a normal, human being knew that they could live in peace, and that the filth in our society would be harshly dealt with and eliminated, racisim would disapear. We’re tired of excuses being made for people. We’re tired of having to dig 5 levels deep to find out the race of the person that commits a crime. The effort to hide the facts of the crime make us sterotype and distrust all people. Show the people, show the neighboorhods that they come from. Dont hold up false facts and cause me to doubt my own neighboor. Nobody’s buying it anyway. It just causes more frustration. Hold the filth truly accountable. Eliminate them from society and make them truly pay for their crimes and the rest of us would live together peacfully.

  36. Race has nothing to do with your “facts”. The labels you apply are coincidental. The “facts” you present are just numbers, and the numbers you apply to the label are whatever you want it to be. In this case, the numbers apply to “blacks” and “whites.” But lets try something different. Lets change it from “blacks” and “whites” and apply it to “wealthy” and “poor”. It is no secret you are more likely to commit a crime if you are poor. Most likely a poor person will be less educated, unhealthy, less likely to have moral guidance, etc..For instance, if you’ve ever heard of the Gini coefficient, you will know the US is at 40. This indicates a massive level of inequality. It SO HAPPENS TO BE, the inequality is almost PRECISELY the numbers you used above to seperate “whites” and “blacks”. (research it, you seem good at that at least). So now that our “facts” line up, lets ask another question. Why are more blacks impoverished? Well you werent alive to see it Im sure, but just FOUR DECADES AGO, blacks were seen as little more than animals and, in most cases, treated worse than animals, and paid less than animals (owners at least feed their animals, blacks have to use what little income they do have to feed themselves).Because of the moral inguidance of the nation, and close minded filth in high political seats we treated these people as filth. CONSEQUENTLY, when rights were awarded, the offenders (WHITES) had to pay a price. White people have been here 300 years, the population inherits wealth, finds it easier to locate an employer, less likely to be racially profiled for a job – negatively. Blacks have really only had a few decades to gain and sustain any amount of wealth. And the problem continues to be fueled by exaclty whats on this website – racism. These “facts” you use as a weapon are actually the the output of the injustices the whites have committed on blacks. Your sword is double edged, and its only bound to end up in the heart of racism. You sound somewhat educated, but as so many “educated” people are they are unable to think outside the box. I can say without a doubt you did not grow up in a slum, you did not have to deal drugs to feed your family, you didnt have to join a gang to protect yourself and your family..So before you you start pointing fingers, try and put yourself in someone elses shoes. You are born with the same internal parts as any race. Your brain is is made of the same material and would react the same way. Obviously you are a Nature person and, I, a nurture. But just try and think…If you were born poor, and your mom was whoring and selling crack to feed you and her addiction, how would you react. What COULD you do? You throw the “facts” around like its a problem,if its a such a big deal to you, try and end it – peacefully. Through education, donations, understanding. Using this information as hate will get you no where. You ever heard of the holocaust? Hitler lost, and died in the most cowardly fashion.. And you my friend, are no Hitler. and given the chance you were poor, the same argument you use will apply to me as well. Not all poor people are bad.

    Also, I read that you said it was ridiculous our ancestors are black? HA! Try and educate youself. There isnt a self respecting or highly reputable biologist that believes otherwise. Its a “Fact”. You should really read up on evolution. Why dont you try and read “The Blind Watchmaker.” Its a Dawkins book.

  37. Thomas,
    A few questions. First of all I understand where you are coming from. It must hurt to feel so inadaquete, in a world that we the white race are losing control of. We were able to keep the other races down for several hundred years, based on our access to resources, strong immune systems (cuased mostly by our filthy lifestyles as we evolved) and the fact that we were the first to industrialize. It is hard to accept that the races we thought of as less than us are starting to catch up and in almost all cases, surpass most of our acheivements.

    First question: Does it bother you that black people have come to dominate every aspect of American life? Music, sports, politics in less than 60 years have all become dominated by what is a “inferior race” How do you explain this?

    Second question: In what ways have blacks affected your life?? Clearly you have been passed over or beaten out by a person of color, and it is this shortcoming that has led you to beleive that your race should be dominant over the people that dominate you personally.

    Third question: Have you ever asked why do black people commit so many more crimes than white people? I am sure you could find 100’s of stats that would confirm that it is poverty not race that increases likelyhood of criminal activity. It is more likely that Blacks who 50 years ago were not even given rights as citizens, are still fighting off the problems of poverty forced on them by a culture of hate and biggotry, and forced to crime to survive, is a more likely cause of their crime than the idea that we are just better than them.

    The Black race will continue to dominate all aspects of American life, Economics will come next. Thomas there is nothing you can do about it, how can you claim to be better than the people who are better than you at everything…… everything. I look forward to your response.

  38. The news about this woman is indeed sad. But a point to be noted is that Whites have fought each other like crazy in the two world wars which have no equivalent in the history of the world. Blacks have been influenced by the Whites with regards to greed and self indulgence. The root cause might be the religion of Christianity itself, which has such a violent past. And your example of a football team being superior is as moronic as some of the posts you criticize, one reason there are new teams that perform really well each year, just means that other races are catching up with the White race. And if its intelligence that you are referring too, there have existed much before the western civilization came into existence lot of Math and science in the occult. The only credit the west can take is the industrialization of those theories.

  39. i love how you had nothing to say about my comment made on january 9, 2010 12:46 Thomas.
    Maybe one more ignorant mind is silenced.

  40. @ The anonymous commenter who “silenced my ignorant mind”

    I there is a strong possibility you are delusional if you think some ill thought out comment such as yours would silence anyone as you implied.

    If you had noticed I don’t reply to every comment this site gets, probably less than 25% actual get a comment from me.

    If you had read through the comments you would also notice that you said nothing new that hadn’t been stated multiple times, from people make all manner of excuses for black crime.

    Not to mention I never implied that people shouldn’t judge people on a person by person basis, however after a point a logical person will realize that you don’t take a rattlesnake on a case by case basis, that the vast majority of the time they will bite.

    I eagerly await your rebuttal.

  41. @ outsider.

    First question.
    I think it is laughable that you think blacks dominate all areas of contemporary America. I guess if all you watch is BET and MTV it is understandable that you would think that. However I would look more than (what passes for) music. Instead focus on areas of life that really do matter, such as physics, engineering, mathematics, medicine etc. Let me know how many blacks are employed in the professions I mentioned above.

    Second question.
    Believe it or not your assumption that I have been “beaten” in my personal life by blacks and that causes me to have “hate” is very common. In fact I have gone into detail about my personal life and how nothing even remotely close has happened to me personally (or anyone in my family) In fact, other than celebrities or sports players I don’t know a black person more successful than myself.

    Third question.
    By this point it is apparent you are reading from the Political Correct Handbook, since this argument is used continually.

    I find it ironic and typical that you tell me there must be “hundreds” of facts that say blacks commit crime due to poverty yet you can’t even produce a single fact to back up your statement.

    The end of your comment is truly off base, to be honest your post went downhill fast and by the end it shows the argumentation skills of a 12 year old. Thanks for the comment though, it all goes to boost my google pagerank.

    Enjoy the ghetto/trailerpark whichever place you happen to live 🙂

  42. We should have used “all slaves” for their labor and then sent them back to where ever we got them from, our goverment should have never started letting other countrys migrate to the united states,its not just the niggers that are the problem! Lets actully stop and look at history and not the crap the was thought to us in a book in school, If all races were thought that “mixing” where wrong then we wouldnt have a problem that we have today, having sex with another race has been going on since the big boom thory,but it was never front page news in the 20’s 30’s 40’s 50’s it wasnt intill the 60’s that you seen races mixing, today we have a “man” running the USA that is 6% Black and the midea really has ran wild all most all ads have a “black” person in them, funny how this all has become more aparent since the election.

    The crimes against white women or gay white men (dont want to leave out the fags) by niggers are because they where paryed upon, every race has rapes, but when a relationship goes wrong then the nigger raped me ( term nigger being used for all rapist,not just because of subject)

    NIggers wanted to start having sex with other race women and started the rumor that they all have huge packages to deliver, And the women where wondering if it were true!

    If we where to sent all the races back to where they came from only the Indains would be left in the USA, so lets all get history correct!!!

    now on a diffrent note: if we send all illegals back to where they came from then unemployment would drop to about 1% or less and then the goverment could do away with welfair and take better care of the elders, if they where born here they go back also, if over the age of 17 they have to take the oath ( which most americans would fail) and if failed more then twice then they to would get a free bus or boat ride. We could clean out jails and make room for the crimals that break and keep breaking the laws and we wouldnt need as many lock ups as the united states has now about Three per State,,,And if the goverment would mind it’s own business none of the wars would have ever happened and STOP sending aid to other Countrys, worry about our ass, you didnt see our goverment helping out with the flooding but by god lets send ten million to Haiti huh lets stop and really look at the BIG issues!!

    To recap: Teach your Children right from wrong by having stronger values, sleep with your own race,if you dont like what you see then take your ass somewhere else or back to your country and the goverment needs to WAKE THE HELL UP!!!

  43. “white” people had the advantage over the black race….and they still do, and i guess a lot of the whites would like to keep it that way. But there is a price to pay for that behavior…they are containing a black society that is poorly educated, most of them financially disadvantaged and socially stigmatized… The descendants of slaves that never quite made it. That’s a lot of angry people folks!

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