American Express Cuts Off David Irving

Of course anyone who dares question the official story of the Jews and WWII Europe is an imminent threat to Jewish control of the media and history itself. They want the people to remain in constant pity for the “eternally oppressed innocent jew”

David Irving is a WWII historian who throughout his career has raised many questions about the “Holocaust”.

New York State Assemblyman from the 48th District Dov Hiking (care to guess his ethnicity) has launched a personal crusade against David Irving. He got 12 other Assemblymen to petition American Express and not surprisingly American Express did what the Jew told them to.

A statement from AmEx
“It’s effective immediately, as of yesterday,” which is when the card issuer was made aware of the nature of Irving’s business, says AmEx spokesperson Christine Elliott. “The materials that he sells on his website are not consistent with the brand policies that we have in our merchant agreement so we made the decision to terminate his ability to accept the American Express card,”

The bottom line is, whether or not you agree with Irving or not had they denied service to anyone but a White male the MSM would crucify American Express.

For those that care to let Dov Hiking think of his unbridled racism and rabid intolerance his offices address and phone numbers are listed below.

Email: [email protected]

1310 48th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11219

LOB 551
Albany, NY 12248

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