Project Skynet

The Internet has been the greatest tool in the struggle for Freedom, possibly of all time.  We live in a time when every single media outlet is controlled by a handful of people.   The internet is a totally new dimension in the way information is spread, it is so vast that it is impossible to control, and that is why they hate it.

I am here to spread the word about a project that I consider to be of the utmost importance.  I fear losing the internet more than anything else.  I truly believe that if We The People can broadcast information that is uncensored and not politically correct, over time we can throw off the shackles of Marxism.  They want to take the internet away at any cost as you will see in the video below.  (See ACTA)

Project Skynet is currently in it’s infancy but it needs the help of everyone.  Here is some brief information on the endeavor.

“What if there were ways for us to exist without anyone controlling the network or the websites we lurk around? What if I told you that you could use the same technology as torrenting to distribute websites irrespective of servers and that whole nonsense? What if I told you we could own the physical network? No more AT&T, Comcast, or their likes controlling our interwebs. There exists a technology called mesh (802.11s wireless) which makes it possible. We can use the technology to make our power and communications autonomous, anonymous, ubiquitous, and free-to-access. Right now, mesh can’t beat fiber optics with its 5gbps speed. However, an opportunistic multiple input multiple output mesh network can get 100mbps over the air with around a 90% bandwidth efficiency over multiple hops with the ability to reconfigure each device in response to a downed node in under 50ms. Each mesh device in the network adds redundancy to the network making it more resilient to failure. More importantly, mesh can be deployed anywhere and everywhere for very little cost.”

If you would like to take part in this project or just ask questions, then head over to this link. (You can do so anonymously)

Here is an article and some videos that are related to this project.  PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

The Myth Of Man Made Global Warming Is Unraveling

 They say the greatest friend to Truth is time and it certainly appears that way in the case of man made global warming.  I have been reporting on this sham from the start of this blog and am happy to see the truth finally being brought forth, last week I provided links to the leaked CRU documents.  You can definitely begin to see why they hate the raw power of the internet.  A story of this magnitude could easily be suppressed on TV, Radio, and in papers but on the internet word spreads like wildfire.

Climate scientists in New Zealand today accused the foremost climate-research institution in New Zealand of data manipulation of the same type as the East Anglia Climatic Research Institute (CRU) is alleged to have done.

The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition today issued this paper saying that a graph published by the New Zealand National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) is not only wrong but is the result of painstaking and unjustified adjustment of raw temperature data covering the period from 1853 through 2008, Ian Wishart of The Briefing Room announced today.

At issue is a claim by NIWA that the average temperature over New Zealand declined from 1853 to 1909 and then began to rise, and has been rising ever since, at an average rate of +0.92 degree (Celsius) per century.

However, unlike the case with the CRU, NIWA’s raw data remain readily available, at least to climate scientists. Richard Treadgold, of the Climate Conversation Group, and his colleagues requested and obtained the data used to produce the NIWA graph. Using these data, they produced a graph of their own. Their graph, shown here, displays no such decline from 1853 to 1909 and consequently no such steep increase from 1909 through 2008 as that shown on the NIWA graph. Instead, according to the CSC, the linear trend is a negligibly gentle +0.06 degree per century since 1853.

Treadgold’s group alleges that the NIWA graph was produced, not from the raw data that NIWA supplied, but rather from temperature readings that had been adjusted. The CSC scientists were able to obtain the adjusted dataset from an un-named associate of Dr. M. James Salinger, formerly of NIWA and, before that, of CRU. Comparison of the two datasets shows significant upward adjustments of the post-1909 data and equally significant downward adjustments of the pre-1909 data, thus producing a downtrend and then an uptrend, instead of the nearly flat trend that Treadgold’s group found.

Ian Wishart of The Briefing Room, and also of Investigate magazine, asked Dr. David Wratt, the chief climatologist at NIWA, for comment. Wratt said only that NIWA would issue a press release later that day; none has been forthcoming at the time of this writing.

The CSC scientists, in their paper, conclude that the New Zealand government is relying on an untenable conclusion from the data at hand, and now openly question the need for any cap-and-trade system such as that which Treadgold and his colleagues presume will be under consideration in Copenhagen beginning next Tuesday.
UPDATE: The Climate Change Examiner reports today that NIWA has now issued this press release in answer to their critics, and also supplied this link to further information as to the placement of their weather stations and why, they said, the numbers required adjustment.

NIWA climate scientists have previously explained to members of the Coalition why such corrections must be made. NIWA’s Chief Climate Scientist, Dr David Wratt, says he’s very disappointed that the Coalition continue to ignore such advice and therefore to present misleading analyses.

Exactly how the CSC has “misled” the public or their colleagues is far from clear from the NIWA statement. NIWA are now claiming that some of the weather stations were moved, and thus the adjustments become necessary to account for such movement. This begs the question of why the stations had to be moved to begin with, why they were moved to different elevations, and why NIWA did not simply reconfigure their indices to make sure that tney always based their average on the same mix of weather stations at various elevations as existed before the movement of any given site or sites.


A Word On Revolution and Liberty Torrent Posts

Over the last couple years I have compiled a list of torrents. One list is called Revolution Torrent, the other Liberty Torrent.  Two days ago completely wiped out their database of torrents and now only offers “original content” (indie music etc)  So now the torrent community, myself included are having to make adjustments in order to spread content.

I am staying away from thepiratebay since they’re future is pretty uncertain and long term I’ll be surprised if they are around.  For now I’m considering uploading these videos to KickassTorrents I may load all the documentaries into one torrent file and seed it that way.  Check back often because although some of the links won’t work now I hope to have them all up and running by next week.

If You Support Sarah Palin You Are An Idiot

There, I’ve said it and it’s out in the open. People cling to Palin like she is God’s gift to the Republican party. They think because she has a book entitled “Going Rogue” that she is actually a Rogue and fighting the establishment.

The part that perplexes me beyond belief, maybe not perplexes me as much as it is just me not wanting to admit the idiocy of the American public, but you have someone who REALLY does stand for everything America was founded on, individual freedom, free markets, non interventionist foreign policy, sound money etc. and that man is Dr. Ron Paul. Dr Paul with his unblemished record of devout service to our rule of law (The Constitution) is held with contempt among the Palin supporters. I have yet to meet a Palin admirer who also likes Dr. Ron Paul. That is what is so utterly vexing to me, Dr. Paul is everything Palin claims to be and yet the sheep go after the ditzy bimbo rather than the Doctor who has the knowledge and foresight to actually save that tattered remnants of our Republic.

You want a rogue? You want someone who can stand before EVERY SINGLE member of Congress and vote down a bill because it is not authorized by the Constitution. That man is Dr. Ron Paul, he has been the lone no vote more times than every other Congressman combined. He has the integrity to stand on his own, to be a true Rogue and not just pay lipservice to the term.

You Think Whites And Blacks Are Equal?

You can hardly be blamed for thinking that Blacks are equal or even superior to Whites given the biased opinions in the controlled media. They use every opportunity to portray blacks as witty upstanding citizens who are a positive addition to society. The problem with this of course is that this is just make believe (TV, Movies etc.) and the reality is the polar opposite.

The current quote of the week sums up my feelings “We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth. For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it. Let us not, I beseech you, sir, deceive ourselves longer.”

I know I might be in a minoirty here but no matter what I want to know the Truth above all else and no matter the cost. If you are like me and keep an open mind then follow these next 4 links and judge for yourself whether blacks and Whites are equal.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4