Alex Jones Ignores The Elephant In The Room

This is an analysis of the terminology and references used in the popular Alex Jones documentary film “Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack H. Obama”. The results are scientific. The study was conducted on the entire 2 hour, 22 minute film.
76 ‘Obama’
46 ‘Banks / Bankers’
29 ‘Federal Reserve’
24 ‘Oligarchy / Oligarchs’
17 ‘George W. Bush’
11 ‘New World Order’
10 ‘Elite / Elitists’
8 ‘Wall Street’
7 ‘The Establishment’
6 ‘Nazis’
6 ‘United Nations’
6 ‘Police State’
5 ‘Social Engineers’
5 ‘Globalists’
5 ‘Rockefeller’
4 ‘IMF’
3 ‘Adolph Hitler’
3 ‘Pentagon’
3 ‘Gestapo’
2 ‘Central Intelligence Agency’
2 ‘Dick Cheney’
2 ‘Council on Foreign Relations’
1 ‘Controllers’
1 ‘Rothschild’
1 ‘European Union’
1 ‘Bilderbergers’
1 ‘Global Architects’
1 ‘Anglo-American’
1 ‘Holocaust’
1 ‘Aryan’
1 ‘Josef Stalin’
1 ‘Forces of Darkness’
1 ‘Al Qaeda’
1 ‘White Supremacists’
0 ‘ADL’
0 ‘Israel’
0 ‘Israel Lobby’
0 ‘Zionism’
0 ‘Zionist’
0 ‘Jew’
Side note from me, MG–Those who speculated a few months ago that the cozy relationship between Alex Jones and my former employer at AFP James Tucker had something to do with Tucker “Getting rid of that little p****” (meaning yours truly) from the lineup of AFP writers might find it interesting to know that shortly after I was removed from AFP by Tucker a congratulatory package arrived at the office, sent to Jim Tucker from Alex Jones containing several cartons of cigarettes and a bottle of whiskey.

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