61 Year Old Sodomite Traveled To Thailand To Molest Boys Ages 6 and 9

Just mentioning this is probably a hate crime thanks to the Matthew Shephard Act, but I’ll take my chances.

(imagine that the US doesn’t run the story)

A federal court in New Jersey has sentenced a 61-year-old man to nearly 20 years in prison for travelling to Thailand to sexually abuse boys.

Wayne Nelson Corliss was arrested last year in Union City after a worldwide manhunt instigated by Interpol.

The arrest came after Norwegian police discovered online images of sex assaults on children as young as six.

Corliss, a part-time actor, had recently made a living by dressing up as Santa Claus at children’s parties.

He allegedly gained access to the boys in Thailand at the home of a Canadian, John Wrenshall, who is awaiting a separate trial.

Corliss admitted to travelling to Thailand three times between 2000-2002 and having sex with at least two boys, aged six and nine.

He also pleaded guilty to distribution and possession of child pornography.

Corliss could have received a maximum sentence of more than 27 years in jail but the government requested the reduced sentence because of his cooperation in the cases against other accused men.

US District Judge Joseph A Greenaway told Corliss: “You have acted beyond the bounds of human decency.

“I cannot think of something more heinous. These children are going to have to live with this for eternity, when their memory should be of a joyful, carefree time.”

The court earlier heard that Corliss was “an irredeemable sexual predator” who had allegedly boasted on the internet about abusing boys while dressed as Santa.

Corliss claimed these internet postings were the equivalent of him playing a role and that they did not reflect his true personality.

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