Black Mayor Stole City Check Tried To Spend It At Wal-Mart

GARLAND CITY, Ark. (AP) — Texarkana police say the mayor of Garland City has been arrested for allegedly stealing a municipal check and trying to spend it at a Wal-Mart store.

Police spokeswoman Kristi Mitchell says Mayor Yvonne Dockery faces a felony theft charge. Dockery was arrested Wednesday in Shreveport, La., and was being held in the Caddo Parrish jail for extradition back to Arkansas.

Mitchell said the check Dockery allegedly stole was worth about $600.

Previously, Arkansas State Police troopers and the FBI investigated Dockery and other current and former city officials over embezzlement allegations. The city also faced a $191,108 delinquent tax bill from the Internal Revenue Service.

Now She Files A Suit Of Her Own

Former Garland City, Ark., Mayor Yvonne Dockery filed a motion Thursday for relief from a felony theft conviction in Miller County Circuit Court.

In the motion for “writ of coram nobis” Dockery claims she is a victim of misconduct by Prosecuting Attorney Brent Haltom, Circuit Judge Kirk Johnson, Little Rock defense attorney Lott Rolfe and the Garland City Council.

Like many of Dockery’s other filings in both state and federal court, she accuses those involved in her criminal case of conspiring against her because she is a black woman.

Here is a video of this model citizen.

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