If You Support Sarah Palin You Are An Idiot

There, I’ve said it and it’s out in the open. People cling to Palin like she is God’s gift to the Republican party. They think because she has a book entitled “Going Rogue” that she is actually a Rogue and fighting the establishment.

The part that perplexes me beyond belief, maybe not perplexes me as much as it is just me not wanting to admit the idiocy of the American public, but you have someone who REALLY does stand for everything America was founded on, individual freedom, free markets, non interventionist foreign policy, sound money etc. and that man is Dr. Ron Paul. Dr Paul with his unblemished record of devout service to our rule of law (The Constitution) is held with contempt among the Palin supporters. I have yet to meet a Palin admirer who also likes Dr. Ron Paul. That is what is so utterly vexing to me, Dr. Paul is everything Palin claims to be and yet the sheep go after the ditzy bimbo rather than the Doctor who has the knowledge and foresight to actually save that tattered remnants of our Republic.

You want a rogue? You want someone who can stand before EVERY SINGLE member of Congress and vote down a bill because it is not authorized by the Constitution. That man is Dr. Ron Paul, he has been the lone no vote more times than every other Congressman combined. He has the integrity to stand on his own, to be a true Rogue and not just pay lipservice to the term.