Project Skynet

The Internet has been the greatest tool in the struggle for Freedom, possibly of all time.  We live in a time when every single media outlet is controlled by a handful of people.   The internet is a totally new dimension in the way information is spread, it is so vast that it is impossible to control, and that is why they hate it.

I am here to spread the word about a project that I consider to be of the utmost importance.  I fear losing the internet more than anything else.  I truly believe that if We The People can broadcast information that is uncensored and not politically correct, over time we can throw off the shackles of Marxism.  They want to take the internet away at any cost as you will see in the video below.  (See ACTA)

Project Skynet is currently in it’s infancy but it needs the help of everyone.  Here is some brief information on the endeavor.

“What if there were ways for us to exist without anyone controlling the network or the websites we lurk around? What if I told you that you could use the same technology as torrenting to distribute websites irrespective of servers and that whole nonsense? What if I told you we could own the physical network? No more AT&T, Comcast, or their likes controlling our interwebs. There exists a technology called mesh (802.11s wireless) which makes it possible. We can use the technology to make our power and communications autonomous, anonymous, ubiquitous, and free-to-access. Right now, mesh can’t beat fiber optics with its 5gbps speed. However, an opportunistic multiple input multiple output mesh network can get 100mbps over the air with around a 90% bandwidth efficiency over multiple hops with the ability to reconfigure each device in response to a downed node in under 50ms. Each mesh device in the network adds redundancy to the network making it more resilient to failure. More importantly, mesh can be deployed anywhere and everywhere for very little cost.”

If you would like to take part in this project or just ask questions, then head over to this link. (You can do so anonymously)

Here is an article and some videos that are related to this project.  PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

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