Get Mike Huckabee Off The Air

As you can see by clicking on the Mike Huckabee (Or Dumbass) tag in this blog, I have seen through the act put on by this big government socialist posing as a Christian since his introduction to the national stage and have called him out at every step of the way.

At the very same time when the MSM was showering him with praises and giving him the spotlight I dug up some dirt on the SOB and got it to the front page of Digg. This sent many thousands of people to this website and soon after his political campaign imploded. I’m not implying that I single handily sunk his campaign but using (liberal) I was able to spread the Truth about him and it certainly didn’t help his campaign.

Now though I don’t want to end his campaign I want to end his career. I want him off the airwaves forever. Any rationale person who is passionate about Freedom can see this man is a snake in the grass. He talks the talk and leads well intentioned people astray (kinda like this guy).   Along with Nancy Pelosi, Obama, and Clinton, Huckabee made it to the top 10 most corrupt politicians list by non partisan Judicial Watch. 

After reading all of my previous posts on him please take action in getting Huckabee off the air.  You can do so using the following links.

I am searching for the links of his producers and phone numbers and will provide them here ASAP.

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