The Case For Prepping

For the last several years I have strived to point out the warning signs of what I consider an imminent economic collapse. I have posted a myriad of articles and stories to support my beliefs. I’m not sure how vast an economic collapse we will face but regardless I think preparing for such a scenario to be very prudent.

I was discussing the topic of societal breakdown with a good friend the other day. I mentioned to him my thoughts about the situation to which he replied that he “didn’t think it was all that likely” Granted my friend doesn’t have internet and isn’t aware of the stories on websites such as this, however I think his sentiments reflect those of most mainstream people.

This is my case for preps, having read all the articles on this blog (and many more) I do think that any number of scenarios could play out in which we find our way of life interrupted on one level or another. Here are several examples off the top of my head.

1. 10% of the entire population of America is on food stamps.  This means that 1 in every 10 people you see relies on the government to provide him his food. Now if 10% actually receive food stamps, how many really depend on them to eat? 15-20% of the population? So what happens when there is a disruption in the chain for whatever reason and this man doesn’t have the government money to purchase food? Do you think he will sit with his family in his home and just slowly starve? Of course not 10% of the population will look for other ways to find food, by any means necessary.

2. At anytime a natural disaster can hit, hurricane, tornados, wildfires, earthquakes etc. This can have many ramifications depending on the area of the country effected, if it hits the midwest you can have food shortages, if it hits a port city, it shuts down imports you get the idea. As we have already seen it doesn’t take much for people to go on a looting spree, and the police have already proven they will go door to door collecting firearms.

You also have terrorist attacks (false flags), riots, all of which will lead to a breakdown in civilization as we know it. The degree of which will vary depending on the situation but regardless it is imperative that you prepare.

I’m not going to go into great detail about what you need to keep on hand, that varies from person to person and by region. You can easily begin to make a mental list of things you use on a daily basis and begin stocking these things.

I am very big on win win situations and to me prepping is exactly that. On one hand if you stock up on things you use regularly and nothing happens then you rotate your stock and your not out anything. In fact you may save money, less trips to the store, avoid price increases etc. Then if some undesirable scenario does play out where you have to rely on the things you have stockpiled your very life may be saved due to your prudence. These are both wins.

Consider the worst case scenario I can think of. You buy all of your supplies and NOTHING happens, and you don’t rotate your stock and everything goes bad. This would be bad as you may lose several hundred dollars worth of food and other perishables. But how bad is it really? Many of us spend 1000 dollars a year on home insurance in case our homes burn down and what are they odds of that (not to high or insurance companies wouldnt make money)? This is money that you can never get back, but it might save you hundreds of thousands in the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home, and you do this without expecting to get the money back.

So why should stock piling supplies be viewed any differently? You should view stock piling like insurance, you may never use it, but it may save you money and in the case of preps your very life. To me it makes far more sense to take steps to insure your very life than it does physical possessions.

If you are interested in prepping I highly recommend to get you started.

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