Joint Chief Admiral Michael Mullen A Traitorous Prick

“We will operate all our forces to have a stable and secure Israel and for the people of Israel.

How much of our military budget does Israel pay? Zero, in fact we pay them billions of dollars a year for their military budget, yet the highest ranking man in the US Navy says ALL of our forces will work for the people of Israel? Do not think for a second that our government hasn’t been hijacked. It has been hijacked at this highest echelons of power, our government is occupied by the Zionist Jews and they will plunder all of our resources for the sake of Israel. And why shouldn’t they? Americans are to busy watching TV or complaining about Obama, or Bush, they are to damn ignorant to realize they are nothing but puppets.…10/02/1403.htm

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S military referred to Israel’s security and made it clear that the U.S. stands behind it. “Israel supports the policy that Obama leads. The Chief of the General Staff Gabi Ashkenazi made this clear to me in a meeting a few weeks ago. That does not mean we are not worried. We have appreciation for Israel and we can take care of its security.”

Additionally Admiral Mullen stressed that between Israel and the U.S. there is real cooperation. “This important relationship with Israel grows stronger every day,” he said. “We are close partners, since the establishment of the state. I am aware of the needs of Israel in every step. I’m here to understand the perspective of those who live here. I worry about the stability and the possibility for instability in the region. We will operate all our forces to have a stable and secure Israel and for the people of Israel.”

Mullen was also asked about the possibility that Israel would attack Iran, and he answered, “Israel’s sovereignty is important to us. We would not hurt Israel’s sovereignty or any other country’s. We worked hard in recent years to improve our abilities in different areas, here in Israel and elsewhere in the region, including the Persian Gulf. Improving capabilities is not a response, but collaboration – all the improvements are only defensive.”

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