Timothy McVeigh’s Manifesto

I explain herein why I bombed the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. I explain this not for publicity, nor seeking to win an argument of right or wrong. I explain so that the record is clear as to my thinking and motivations in bombing a government installation.

I chose to bomb a federal building because such an action served more purposes than other options. Foremost, the bombing was a retaliatory strike; a counter attack, for the cumulative raids (and subsequent violence and damage) that federal agents had participated in over the preceding years (including, but not limited to, Waco.) From the formation of such units as the FBI’s “Hostage Rescue” and other assault teams amongst federal agencies during the ’80’s; culminating in the Waco incident, federal actions grew increasingly militaristic and violent, to the point where at Waco, our government – like the Chinese – was deploying tanks against its own citizens.

Knowledge of these multiple and ever-more aggressive raids across the country constituted an identifiable pattern of conduct within and by the federal government and amongst its various agencies. (see enclosed) For all intents and purposes, federal agents had become “soldiers” (using military training, tactics, techniques, equipment, language, dress, organization, and mindset) and they were escalating their behavior. Therefore, this bombing was also meant as a pre-emptive (or pro-active) strike against these forces and their command and control centers within the federal building. When an aggressor force continually launches attacks from a particular base of operation, it is sound military strategy to take the fight to the enemy.

Additionally, borrowing a page from U.S. foreign policy, I decided to send a message to a government that was becoming increasingly hostile, by bombing a government building and the government employees within that building who represent that government. Bombing the Murrah Federal Building was morally and strategically equivalent to the U.S. hitting a government building in Serbia, Iraq, or other nations. (see enclosed) Based on observations of the policies of my own government, I viewed this action as an acceptable option. From this perspective, what occurred in Oklahoma City was no different than what Americans rain on the heads of others all the time, and subsequently, my mindset was and is one of clinical detachment. (The bombing of the Murrah building was not personal , no more than when Air Force, Army, Navy, or Marine personnel bomb or launch cruise missiles against government installations and their personnel.)

I hope that this clarification amply addresses your question.


Timothy J. McVeigh

7 thoughts on “Timothy McVeigh’s Manifesto

  1. I feel Tomothy J. McVeigh went a little too far by killing many people who just had government jobs, and lots of innocent people including children. The death penalty in my opinion did nothing to punish this killer. I would of liked to see him dropped into a barrel of concentrated nitric acid. Lethal injection was too good for this killer. Many people are still feeling the pain from what he called: “collateral damage”. Life in prison without parole might of been a much better punishment and to be confined in a prison with the worst criminals who would do him in for the publicity and just because of the high profile nature of his crime. My heart and sympathy goes out to all of his innocent victims who did nothing that day but go to work. I am sure God has opened the fires of hell to Timothy McVeigh!

    • If only you felt so strongly about all the innocent lives lost to our imperialist government, you may see that this whole thing could have been avoided. Had the ATF and other secrete police/military organizations not been allowed to shread the constitution, assassinate citizens, and burn women and children alive, we would have no idea who Timothy McVeigh is. As the police state expands across the globe, we will see more opposition. I pray for our nation to find peace and cut ties to our many forigen entanglements causing the violence abroad. I also pray to see the wars waged on American citizens by the federal government come to an end. These actions would save more lives than McVeigh could have ever conceived taking.

    • He went ‘a little too far’?? No, he went way overboard! McVeigh is right where he deserves to be, burning in the fiery pits of Hell.

  2. Perfectly rational, ALL things considered. When I was arrested in Michigan, on 1/24/11, for an alleged plot to blow up a mosque – the authorities found in my small bag of regular fireworks a note saying “Viva McVeigh”.
    I spent 28 months in jail for my troubles, and am now free on probation – working diligently, sane and sober, to found a global peace initiative: hoping to employ far less dramatic, legal means to advance my agenda; part of which is to become recognized as the legitimate western representative of Al Qaeda – to put a familiar face and voice on America’s worst enemy, offering at least the potential for peace-talks in our ridiculous, never-ending global War On Terror.
    Respectfully, Roger Stockham, aka Hem Ahadin

    • So you were arrested for ‘allegedly’ plotting to blow up a mosque and now you pledge your allegiance to allah? Our government has a lot of issues but you supercede them when you side with Al Qaeda. You need to get right with God. Seriously.

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