Important Notice

Over the past few months google has suspended traffic to Truth In Our Time, we no longer get any hits from them even though our Pagerank is 3 out of 10. We used to get over 100 visitors per day from google alone. Since google owns blogger (which I use to publish this blog) I’m not sure if I should start reading the handwriting on the wall.

Many good blogs have been banned from their service and I assume it’s just a matter of time before I join those ranks. Hopefully that isn’t the case but regardless I have taken some preemptive measures. One of these measures is to back up all the posts to another website. If this website ever gets taken down you will be able to find everything over at

If we are removed from blogger, I will switch the domain over so that, will route to the wordpress site and not the blogger site so you shouldn’t have to change your link although to be safe you might want to bookmark the wordpress site.

In the meantime if you would like to increase the traffic to this site (or any site) for free you should check out this link.  It only takes a few minutes and brings in literally hundreds of people.