Military Knows Israel Did 9/11


“The U.S. Military Knows The Israelis Did 911”

A few months ago I wrote about a “near civil war”
environment within the U.S. military & intelligence
community. And last week I posted an article written
by former CIA intelligence analyst Ray McGovern, about
the trip to Israel last month, taken by Chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adrmiral Mike Mullen. A trip which
received very little coverage in the mainstream press.

Admiral Mullen did something last month that heretofore,
would have been unthinkable in U.S. – Israeli relations.

After the U.S. government flatly turned down Israel’s request
to attack Iran
(Haaretz Article), Mullen brought up the highly
sensitive issue of Israel’s attack on the U.S.S. Liberty during
the Six Day War, and publicly warned Israel to not even think
about any more game theory-false flag attacks.

Add to that, the rise in tensions over Israel’s out right
humiliation of Vice President Joe Biden, by using the occassion
of his official visit to defy America, and announce the plan
to build another 1,600 homes in the disputed East Jerusalem
settlement area.

While Admiral Mullen brought up the issue of the U.S.S.
Liberty, that wasn’t the game theory-false flag attack
he was referring to…

It seems a well respected former instructor at the
U.S. Army College has broken the silence over a subject
that has been dominating the non-public conversation
of U.S. – Israeli relations… the belief by a large
contingent within the U.S. military that Israel was
behind the 911 attacks.

Here’s a recording of a bombshell radio interview with
Dr. Alan Sabrosky, who is the former Director of Studies
at the U.S. Army War College, a former instructor at the
U.S. Military Academy, and a Marine Corp, Vietnam veteran.

Dr. Sabrosky has also been an adjunct professor at Georgetown
University, and the Johns Hopkins University School of
Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Dr. Sabrosky lectures
on defense and foreign affairs in the United States and abroad.

Here’s a 3-part radio interview with Sabrosky, U.S.S. Liberty
Survivor Phil Tourney, and radio host Mark Glenn, that I’m
sure America and Israel’s political establishment wishes never
took place…

“What we need to stand up and say, is not only did they attack
the U.S.S. Liberty, but they did 911.”

“It is 100% certain that 911 was a Mossad operation – period.”

“Americans need to understand… they did it.”

— Dr. Alan Sabrosky,
Former Director of Strategic Studies, U.S. Army War College

*** You will want to download and record these, because
I don’t believe they’ll stay up long…

Part I:

Part II:

Part III

Now you know why Admiral Mike Mullen brought up the
attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, and publicly warned Israel
about further game theory-false flag attacks…

And now you know why Ron Paul said that America has fallen
to a CIA coup, because it is our intelligence agencies, not
our military that we need to fear.

Do you all understand what incredible courage it takes for
Admiral Mullen, Congressman Ron Paul, and Dr. Alan Sabrosky
to make these statements publicly?

I guess we’ll find out shortly, if Ariel Sharon was right…

“We, the Jewish people, control America.
And the Americans know it.”

— Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
October 3, 2001 (IAP News)

Say a prayer tonight for a damn fine Marine, Dr.Alan Sabrosky,
and say a prayer for America, because they’re both going to
need it.

And pray that unlike the cover up of the attack on the U.S.S.
Liberty, that the truth of 911 will be allowed to come out,
because the triumph of light over darkness, and of freedom and
democracy over collectivism and global governance, will depend
on it.

America, you’ve found a few good men who’ve stood up,
now it’s your turn.


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