Is The Boom And Bust Cylce A Good Thing?

Maria Bartiromo says that it is.

“There’s nothing wrong with a boom bust economy. What’s wrong with a boom bust economy? Things are booming and then you get a bust and that opens the door for wealth creation.”

Nothing is wrong with a boom busy economy if you control the markets and know when they are going to boom or bust you can profit immensely either way. While the highly educated outsider struggles just to make a routine profit.

Consider this in the case of Bernard Madoff. Bernie was a market maker so he knew when a big order was about to be placed to the tune of billions in a single transaction, this would cause even the most stable of blue chips to make a move one way or the other. So madoff could tell his clients “Hey JPmorgan is about to sell 5billion in GE stock” so his clients could either sell their stocks ahead of the time, or go short because it was a sure thing that the stock would decline at least in the near term.

Now even Madoff was a small fish in the pond compared to the real big money that drives wall street. People that make Buffet look like a hobo. I speak mainly of the Rothschilds and their associates. It has been estimated that at one time they controlled 50% of the entire wealth of the world. Certainly in a world dominated by their usury this is very likely not to mention their severe manipulation of markets (which they have a track record of doing for hundreds of years).

So what Maria Bartiromo meant to say was “boom and bust cylces are good if you are an insider to the game like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgans, and her husbands family the Steinbergs. Care to guess their ethnicity? I’ll give you a hint, they are of the same tribe as Madoff.