Curt Maynard – The Politically Correct Apostate

It was brought to my intention late last night that Curt Maynard has committed suicide.  He shot his ex stepdaugher and his ex wife, then jumped in his car and apparently shot himself in the head with a rifle while driving 70 miles an hour.

I don’t know Curt and have never had any contact with him whatsoever, but I was deeply disturbed to hear this news.  As frequent readers of this site know, I posted a lot of Curt’s work over here.

If I had to point to one person who inspired me to create this blog it would be him.  I remember reading the original PC Apostate a few years ago and enjoying his passionate rants about the current plight of White Western Civilization.

I have heard detractors say “he always seemed off balance” or “this was just a matter of time”. Now maybe these people know Curt but more than likely they are just armchair quarterbacks throwing in their two cents. With hindsight I can certainly understand that Curt had anger, but I never thought to much of it and assumed it was passion. To be honest at this stage in the game I’m more concerned over people who aren’t angry about our situation than those who are.

I certainly don’t condone what Curt did, I don’t even understand what Curt did. When people go out in this manner it is difficult to accept because even if everything they did in their was good their final act was ludicrous.

I don’t plan to memorialize Curt but I do thank him for the inspiration to keep writing and for the knowledge he freely passed along to everyone. I will take some of Curt’s articles over the next few days and post them here to avoid them going down the memory hole.

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