Record Number of Jews Heading To Congress

I’m amazed that when someone mentions the New World Order people still scoff and act like a one world government is a “conspiracy theory” even though if they open their eyes the signs are all around.

Likewise I’m amazed that when people mention ZOG or Zionist Occupied Government people interpret this as some racial slur against jews with no basis in fact. Yet the evidence is there to support this claim 100% perhaps never more so than this year when a record number of jews are heading to the United States Congress.

I have posted a list of jews in Bush’s and Obama’s cabinet and it is clearly astounding for an ethnic group which is only 2% of the population.  Anyone with a room temperature IQ knows that our foreign policy is 100% zionist in nature, it is crafted from the ground up by jews either openly communist, or so called neo conservatives. (Both systems were created by jews)

One thing is clear about jews is their love of acting. Be it in the cesspool of filth called hollywood or on a broader stage of politics. They posture around and act like democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives are polar opposites and while this may appear true on an individual American level, it is blatantly obvious that in the halls of Congress as well as state governments these “polar opposites” are thick as thieves. No matter what the disagreement one thing they ALWAYS agree on is 100% support for the terror state of israel.

Here is an article referenced in the title of this post which goes into greater depth of the jews heading to gain further control of our fallen Nation.