Arizonans Fighting Back Against Boycotts

 I think this is an excellent idea.  We need to stand with Arizona and let them know we support them in their fight to stop the mexican invasion.


PHOENIX — Los Angeles has just become the nation’s largest city to boycott Arizona for passing a tough immigration law.

Now, anti-protesters have come out to say they’ll boycott L.A. right back.

Kelly Townsend of Gilbert doesn’t like hearing about people across the country boycotting Arizona.

“I think it’s an intimidation tactic that has caught on and people think if they make enough noise and have big enough tantrum, then they’ll get their way,” said Townsend.

Townsend has helped create a website,, that supports Arizona’s new immigration law and calls for a counter boycott targeting cities, politicians and businesses speaking out against Arizona.

“We have a lot of people that don’t sit on sidelines and say OK,” said Townsend. “If you’re going to play that tactic, we can respond with a counter boycott.”

CBS-5 News has also received a number of e-mails from viewers in favor of boycotting the boycotters.

“Boycotting can work both ways,” one viewer said.

“I’m keeping a list of all who boycott us. I intend to boycott them,” said another viewer.

Judy Valencia of Sedona just canceled plans to take her family to Disneyland this summer.

“I think if they are going to be childish and say we’re not going to come to your state, we’re not going to come to your state,” Valencia said.

Townsend has also stepped up efforts to ‘Buycott Arizona’ and get more folks to purchase goods and services from Arizona.

Anything to improve the state’s image across the country and protect the families that live here, said Townsend.

“We’re more focused on support coming in to Arizona,” Townsend said.