Discounts Offered For Mixed Race Couples

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Thirteen restaurants around the metropolitan Jackson area are taking part in Mission Mississippi’s “Two & Two Restaurant Days” on Tuesday and Thursday of this week.

Those who eat at participating restaurants for lunch and/or dinner will receive a 22-percent discount on their meal if they dine with someone of a different race.

A minimum of two people should be on each ticket order. Once you’re seated, mention that you are participating in the program to receive the discount. And remember to tip your server based on the full price of the meal.

Here is a list of the participating restaurants:

* Basil’s (downtown)
* Bon Ami
* Bravo!
* Broad Street Baking Co.
* Bully’s
* Foodies (dine-in only)
* High Noon Cafe (at Rainbow Whole Foods)
* Koinonia Coffee House
* Pan-Asia
* Primos Cafe (both locations)
* Sal & Mookie’s
* Two Sisters Kitchen

For more information, visit