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It is absolutely crucial that we all lend our support to the Sovereign State of Arizona during this time when much of the country is waging economic and political war against them.  Throughout this whole process I have been shocked that people are literally against Arizona simply for closing their border to ILLEGAL immigration.

Today the invaders of our country are more brazen than ever about their plans for this once great Republic.  Their plan is nothing short of complete conquest.

So where do you find yourself now? On the continent YOUR fathers founded? You are under attack by all sides, the blacks are only 12% of the population and 58% of the total crime, hispanics commit the majority of the remaining 40%, there are over 1 billion muslims worldwide and are wreaking havoc in most of Europe, and at the head of the mud colored beast is the International jew. They are the ones who opened the gates either figuratively in our case or literally in the case of 8th century Spain.

They use the non Whites, plain and simple. They use them to defile a nation and they use them for class warfare. So is this just some hate filled tirade? Your Goddamn right it is. At this stage in the game I don’t give a damn for a man that doesn’t hate. Hate the people who have bankrupted our nation, killed millions of our men in pointless wars, destroyed our morality and family structure all while putting us under the impression that he is a friend, the chosen of God.

Our country is being overrun and when people say the things that I have above you label us “racists”. When will you learn? When your daughter is raped? When your son is sent off to war to die for the state of israel? This is real and pretending that the situation isn’t dire doesn’t make it go away.  The only thing that will make it go away is for you to get off the couch, get educated, educate those around you and prepare yourself for what is to come.  That is your duty as descendants of some of the greatest men in all of history.


The purpose of this post (originally) was to let everyone know about a website I found that has a lot of information pertaining to Arizona’s new immigration law and the ramifications of it. The site is


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