Another Phony “Holocaust Survivor”

by Ian Mosley

Somebody seems to have let their old Yiddishe grandpa escape from the kosher nursing home, and he’s embarrassing not only the family but the Tribe.

An article from the Wausau Daily Herald reports: “A public presentation in Wausau by a man who claimed to have survived Auschwitz has been canceled as family members have come forward disputing the veracity of his story. Gunther Skaletz was scheduled to speak publicly Tuesday evening at Wausau East High School, hosted by a Wausau group A Walk in Their Shoes. In a statement Monday morning, the group said it could not verify or confirm allegations that Skaletz was lying, but that it was canceling the event due to a ‘cloud of controversy.’ Skaletz, who lives in Manitowoc and is a frequent speaker for schools, churches and other Wisconsin organizations, claimed in his book that he was sent to and later released from the Nazi death camp Auschwitz, conscripted by the German army and forced to fight the Soviets… then captured and sent to a Russian work camp, from which he escaped. In addition to the public event Tuesday, Skaletz was also scheduled to speak to classrooms today and tomorrow. Those events have also been canceled.”

The Germans didn’t trust the Jews, that’s why they were locking them up in labor camps during the war. The claim that he was drafted into the German army straight out of Auschwitz is just not believable. I suspect he was spinning more and more fantastic yarns, and someone finally checked with the relatives, who quickly put an end to his career as a Holocaust lecturer.

And if this Jew were willing to volunteer himself as a “Holocaust survivor” to lecture to impressionable young public school children, how many other Jewish fraudsters are out there pounding a guilt complex into young Gentile heads spinning Holocaust tales that have no basis in fact?

However it came about, the fact remains that someone in Wisconsin seems to have doubted and questioned, and not only gotten away with it, but a Holocaust fraudster was removed from the public stage. Needless to say, this story has received no national coverage at all, but maybe it’s the beginning of a trend. One can only hope so.

How long are we expected to continue fighting the Second World War? When, oh when, will these Jews finally decide they have milked enough out of it and give it a rest?