Admitted Freemason A Prominent Figure Within We Are Change NYC

One of the more prominent members of We Are Change NYC an activist group heavily involved with 9/11 truth and spreading information about the New World Order conspiracy is an admitted freemason. In a short documentary film specifically dedicated to covering the activities We Are Change NYC entitled Truth to Power, We Are Change member Craig Fitzgerald admits to being a part of the centuries old secretive order. Approximately seven minutes into the film, Fitzgerald brags about being a member of the secretive group but then goes on to talk about how the Bilderberg group and the Council on Foreign Relations are bad because they conduct business in secret. It is a complete insult to the viewers intelligence as Fitzgerald who admits to being a member of a secret society tries to make people believe that the Bilderberg group and other associated geopolitical based think tanks and organizations are the ones really running the show. Even stranger is why other members of We Are Change don’t seem to have issues with a member of their group who proudly admits to being a freemason. After all, isn’t We Are Change supposed to be against secretive groups? When analyzing this at face value, does this really make any sort of sense?

Although we are uncertain as to exactly how much power Fitzgerald has within the group, it is clear that he is in fact a very influential member within We Are Change NYC. This is proven easily considering that the film makers of Truth to Power chose to include him as one of the central figures in their documentary covering We Are Change NYC. Also, there are several photos of Fitzgerald taken from his Facebook page showing him addressing other members of We Are Change during meetings indicating his prominence within the group yet again.

Other photos posted on his Facebook page show Fitzgerald in the center of group photos making Masonic hand signs and gestures. He also references the George Washington 285 lodge in New York City on his Facebook page and openly discusses masonry in many of his posts. Fitzgerald even promotes the phony patriot paradigm referencing the John Birch Society and the Constitution Party within the activities section of his Facebook page.

But let’s first take a look at some of the photos showing Fitzgerald making Masonic gestures Below are just a few of them.

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