The Framing Of Edgar J. Steele

Edgar Steele was arrested 6/11/2010 the same day the FBI claimed he wanted his wife and mother in law dead. He has been in custody for days when a pipe bomb was discovered under his wife’s SUV. Now the suspect for planting the pipe bomb is in custody which is where the Fed’s story falls on its ass.

Let’s recap what we’ve been told. Edgar Steele for no apparent reason supposedly wanted his wife and mother in law dead. So he offers to pay some guy (FBI rat) to kill them but make it look like an accident. The would be hitman turns him in to the Feds who arrest him. Now while he sits in jail a pipe bomb is discovered under his wifes car, some stories say she brought it to the mechanic to get the oil change, others say it was a “female friend” of Edgars (as if his mistress does errands for him while in jail, taking his wifes car to get serviced no less, absurd) Next a man is apprehended who says that he planted the bomb May 30th but intentionally “manipulated the fuse to malfunction”.

 That is a picture of the bomb.  As you can see from the picture wires appear to be going from the bomb to an unclear location.  Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of explosives knows that in this situation the bomb would detonate when electricity is sent through the wires,  usually rigged to a wire that is on when the car is turned on such as wires to the fuel pump,  clearly if the bomb was planted May 30th (nearly 3 weeks ago) and has been driven around ever since the bomb is a dud.  Bombs of this nature would either explode or not explode, no middle ground, no wait 2 weeks then explode, not wait till your mother in law gets in the car the explodes.  So this setup would’ve been completely worthless for “making it look like an accident” which they claim was Edgar’s directions. 

When investigators got to the crime scene and discovered that it was a pipe bomb strapped to the chassis, it would be pretty damn hard to pass that off as an accident.  There would be a huge investigation into it, unlike if say someone ran them off the road which might fly under the radar.

There are red flags all over this case,  it looks like the FBI like the USPS can’t do a damn thing right they can’t even frame a political enemy. 

To sum up I would like to address all of the inconsistencies of this story which point to an obvious framing.

1. Edgar Steele just had major heart surgery a few months ago, not likely that he would make any major move so soon (he has only blogged 2 times this entire year once in Jan 15 the last on May 21)

2. Edgar is still married to his wife, they weren’t going through any kind of divorce or separation. Plus why would he want to kill his mother in law? It makes no logical sense.

3. He allegedly pays one hitman to make it look like an accident and another one simultaneously to plant a pipe bomb which could never be attributed to an accident. Again this is completely contradictory and nonsensical.

4. If the first bomb was planted on May 30th and never went off he would have to have known that it wasn’t going to work, so why conveniently leave a worthless bomb attached to your wifes car since even if you were planning on killing her and ditched the bomb plan for a plan B you would completely blow your cover.

5. This pipe bomb plot comes out conveniently right before his trial happens and specifically the judge says “developments within the last few hours show Steele is a substantial risk to the public” and denies him bail.

6. His wife and son were at the courthouse trying to help him get out on bail, they aren’t asking to be in protective custody because they fear for their lives, they aren’t granting interviews saying lock this man up for life he’s crazy, they want Edgar to come home.

I will do my best to stay on top of this story as things happen, if something noteworthy comes up send me an email at [email protected] or leave a comment and I will post it up ASAP.

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