Conservatives Celebrating Feminism


Ross Douthat recently wrote an article for the NY Times that basically endorses feminism, saying that conservative female candidates are proof of its success. Whether or not women in high offices is a good thing I’ll leave up to individuals to decide, but there’s nothing benevolent about feminism, which is at its core a supremacist ideology.

Only a couple decades ago, the idea that conservatives would embrace and support feminism would have been ridiculous, but here we are with Palin declaring herself a feminist and male conservatives emphatically agreeing and supporting her:

The question of whether conservative women get to be feminists is an interesting and important one. But it has obscured a deeper truth: Whether or not Palin or Fiorina or Haley can legitimately claim the label feminist, their rise is a testament to the overall triumph of the women’s movement.

What Tuesday’s results demonstrated, convincingly, is that America is now a country where social conservatives are as comfortable as liberals with the idea of women in high office. More strikingly, they’re comfortable voting for working mothers — for women publicly juggling careers and family obligations in ways that would have been unthinkable for the generations of female leaders, from Elizabeth I’s Virgin Queen down to Margaret Thatcher’s Iron Lady, who were expected to unsex themselves before being entrusted with the responsibilities of state.

The real problem with conservatism is exactly what its name implies: it seeks to “conserve” whatever happens to be the standard value system. In the Soviet Union in the 1980s, a Stalinist Bolshevik would have been a conservative. In North Korea, a hardline follower of Juche thought is a conservative.

In America today, an androphobic feminist who supports female supremacy can easily be a conservative.

I and readers who oppose the feminist status quo are considered wacky radicals who are not right-thinking Americans. We should properly be cheering every time a man’s wife leaves him and takes his children. We should be clamoring for more severe extrajudicial police responses to men accused by their wives and girlfriends. The disappearance of the American male from college campuses should be cause for celebration, and the rising financial burdens on men even as they are pushed out of employment should give us a feeling of self-righteous satisfaction.

This is what has become of American conservatism.