Help Bradley Manning

The Government is claiming Bradley Manning was the one who gave wikileaks the video showing the US Army killing unarmed civilians as well as two Reuters journalists in Iraq. Ironically enough Reuters had submitted a FOIA request for the footage and the government claimed to have lost it.

It boils down to this, our military men have been thrust into situations where we had no business for the last 100 years. When they find themselves in situations like this they often show acts of incredible bravery while defending their friends even if it means laying down their own lives.

However it seems as though the very vast majority of the time they leave their valor on the battlefield. Our country is being eaten from the inside by parasites international bankers, corporate run government, marxist politicians, controlled media the list is near endless these groups trample our rule of law the Constitution on a continual basis. Everyone in the military swears to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC, meaning if anyone ceases to obey the Constitution they are to be dealt with as enemies to our Republic.

This is why I support Bradley Manning if he did leak this video and 260,000 more confidential wires. He has risked his entire life and his reputation on doing what he thought was right and I commend him for that 100%.

I encourage everyone to visit the website

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