Climatology And The Hoaxacost

“Sadly we need disasters like this (BP oil spill) to show people. Some people don’t believe in climate warming – like those who don’t believe there was a Holocaust.” – Paul McCartney

Newsflash Paul, the facts don’t support global warming (now conveniently called climate change) or the “holocaust”. If there were mountains of evidence supporting the jewish side of the holocaust story why then is it illegal to question it?

It is literally illegal and punishable by years in prison for “denying” the holocaust, yet you are encouraged (by academia and pop culture) to deny the Son of God. What a perverse world we live in today.

Climatology which thanks to the internet has been COMPLETELY debunked, is still touted around as fact and those that think differently are demonized. With the power of the internet though we show these people for the fools that they are and no longer are the words from their mouths taken as the gospel truth.