Thank You

We are close to 25 people who now follow Truth In Our Time publicly (top right hand side) and I want to thank everyone for that.  It means a lot to me.  Behind the scenes according to feedburner there are close to 70 (it varies) who subscribe to the feeds to which I am very grateful as well.

I truly do enjoy making this blog (wish I had time to write more original content) but the best part is the people who read and forward articles, make comments, subscribe/follow etc.  That is what keeps me going and makes it rewarding.

For the new people, even though this site has a pagerank of 4 out of 10 google has cut off all search results to us, so now it is solely bing and yahoo that bring in new people as well as word of mouth but seeing as jewgle is the vast majority of the search market when they cut you off it really leaves you high and dry so I truly appreciate it when you tell friends and family about the site, or post links on forums etc.

Thanks for everything that you do and I hope everyone has a great weekend.