Incogman Gets Suspened From WordPress

Incogman is one of the premier websites online that unashamedly names the jew.  With his unwaivering commitment to the Truth he has made enemies though and apparently enemies big enough to get his blog shut down from wordpress permanently.

Frequent contributor to Truth In Our Time, Flanders alerted me to this situation and the underhanded tactics used to take incogman off the web (for now).  Here is a rundown of what transpired.

Someone made a post on Tuesday (7/20/10) afternoon bashing incogman and his site. Someone who went by the name of “PC_11” then made a comment directed at the anonymous incog basher saying he should be killed. According to Flanders and Incogman himself the post was removed within minutes but apparently someone took notice at wordpress and pulled the plug for good on incogman’s blog.

It is my opinion that this was a set up from the word go. A way for wordpress to take down an enemy of the jewish system without losing credibility about “free speech” I believe the original poster who bad mouthed incogman could’ve been legit (incog always cut to the core of the jews) however the poster who said the jew should be killed is in my opinion clearly an agent provocateur of either the ADL, SPLC, or some government agency that had an interest in seeing incogman removed from the web. 

Since I wrote this post I have been in contact with incogman and he says he is unsure if that is why they pulled the site, or the myriad of complaints jews made to wordpress over the years. Either way he remains resilient and although he is unsure what his future plans are, he doesn’t intend to take this lying down.

There is a chance incogman will run an article explaining the situation here at Truth In Our Time so stay tuned.