Blacks Murder Pakistani In The UK

A racially motivated attack by 3 black teens in the UK left a victim dead last August. “Happy slapping” is the term used for blacks who randomly attack White victims while someone else video tapes it as they did in this video.

Blacks after decades of time and billions of dollars have still not grasped the concept of civilization but rather cling to their simian tendencies of instant gratification without a passing thought to the future, or how their actions affect others.

So if they did this in August why post about it today?  Well because they were sentenced this week.  How much time did these killers get?  4.5 and 3.5 years.  FOR MURDER.  They killed a man then “ran off laughing” and won’t even get 5 years in prison?  It’s an outrage and just goes to show how much justice the “justice” system hands out.

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