Some Interesting Insights Into Facebook

**For some of the backstory about my thoughts on facebook click here.

From day one I have been anti social networking, even before I found out Zuckerberg was a jew who stole the idea of facebook. If you think those are just claims then just listen to some of Zuckerbergs speeches, the specific one that comes to mind is the one he gave at Stanford which can be found on Itunes U. He is so vague about the creation of facebook, and doesn’t really seem to have a good grasp on the site or the business. When you listen to speeches of other founders of various companies they are very detailed and meticulous since their very life is so tightly woven into a startup.

I had heard about his dismal performance Zuckerberg gave at the D8 conference this year, but only today did I see part of the video. For those that aren’t familiar D8 is a conference where various tech figures are interviewed by a jew and a dyke, the draw of course is that they have very popular people on to interview so even though the jew is obnoxious and constantly interrupts and talks over people, people still want to watch just for the interviewee.

Watch in the video as Zuckerberg gives an incoherent answer when asked about privacy issues but also make note at the end where you see what is inside the facebooks company jackets.

Did you notice it? The so called Star of David? Here are a few pictures in case you missed it.

So as you can see facebook is clearly a very jew centric company. What other company has the star of david on their company clothes? I’ll leave you with this video and you can begin to see the real purpose of facebook.