David Duke Blocked By Youtube

Dr. David Dukes wildly popular youtube channel has been blocked from youtube due to terms of service violations this comes just weeks after davidduke.com and several other sites were blocked in all the major browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc.  Upon visting his site you will receive a message that it is a reported “attack site” and prompted to leave immediately.

This is due to the fact that all the major browsers rely on one (obviously heavily biased) website to determine which sites are “attack sites” and which aren’t.  The website is called StopBadware.

Thankfully if you use Firefox like I do the solution around this is simple go to tools>options> click on the security tab>uncheck the box next to “Block reported attack sites”  and you won’t be censored by this again.

It’s obvious that Dr. Duke has been discriminated against by jewgle, if you have watched his videos (which I routinely post here)you would know that there is nothing illegal about them. None of them that I have seen have anything to do with hate, or urging people to commit crimes, but rather explain in a clear and concise manner the viewpoints of David Duke.

I urge everyone to contact youtube and let them know how you feel about the discrimination of Dr. Duke.

Rand Paul Officially Kisses The Neo Con Ring – Told Ya So

When Rand first announced his candidacy I was thrilled. My first thoughts were “wow we are going to have a Ron Paul clone in the Senate this is fantastic” sadly though over the last year my joy has turned to sorrow on this matter as more and more evidence has come out pinning Rand Paul as nothing but an opportunist snake in the grass, here is yet another piece of damning evidence.


One faction of the GOP that has remained particularly wary of Rand Paul’s Senate candidacy are neoconservatives who are still angry about his father Ron Paul’s criticism of Israel and his disdain for Bush-era military adventurism.

In the past, Rand has echoed his father’s views, opposing the Iraq War, and from the neocon point of view, the Paul family’s isolationism is as whacked out as anything hatched by the anti-war left.

Now, it turns out, Rand is looking to mend fences. He made a quiet pilgrimage and met privately with some of Washington’s most influential neocons, as well as the pro-Israel lobby, delivering them a not-too-subtle message: Never mind my father’s views, you guys can trust me now.

The episode is buried in Jason Zengerle’s big new profile of Rand in GQ Magazine:

At a private office in Dupont Circle, he talked foreign policy with Bill Kristol, Dan Senor, and Tom Donnelly, three prominent neocons who’d been part of an effort to defeat him during the primary. “He struck me as genuinely interested in trying to understand why people like us were so apoplectic,” Senor says of their two-hour encounter. “He wanted to get educated about our problem with him. He wasn’t confrontational, and he wasn’t disagreeable. He didn’t seem cemented in his views. He was really in absorption mode.”

The following month, he met with officials from the powerful lobbying group AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee), which has frequently clashed with Ron Paul over what the group views as his insufficient support of Israel. Paul, according to one person familiar with the AIPAC meeting, “told them what they wanted to hear: ‘I’m more reasonable than my father on the things you care about.’ He was very solicitous.”

But some neocons still remain highly wary of Rand. Michael Goldfarb, who still works closely with Kristol, tells me that Rand’s summit with the neocons has “dampened some of the concern” but that neocons remain split over whether Rand can be trusted.

“While there was once pretty much universal hostility to Paul among neoconservatives, there’s now a split, with some folks inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt and others still convinced he’s his father’s son,” Goldfarb says. “Those folks aren’t likely to change their minds until he starts casting votes on national security and defense issues.”

It’s the latest chapter in Rand Paul’s extreme makeover: From neo-isolationist to neocon in 60 seconds!

‘CIA And Mossad Carried Out 9/11’

“The US and the Zionists developed the strategy of the September 11 attacks in an effort to counter the Islamic vigilance and to control energy resources in the Middle East,” IRNA quoted Brigadier General Yahya Rahim-Safavi as saying on Saturday.

He further added that al-Qaeda and its leader Osama bin Laden did not possess the essential intelligence capacity anywhere near the level of CIA, Pentagon and the FBI in order to conduct the surprise attacks against sensitive centers in the United States on September 11.

According to General Rahim-Safavi, heads of Israel’s Mossad and the US played roles in the event.

“The September 11 attacks in the US and the shameful act of Qur’an burning by the US and Zionist regime (Israel) were in line with Islamophobia efforts by enemies of Islam who have fears over the spread of Islam and the Islamic vigilance,” he further explained.

The Iranian commander also pointed out that the US and certain Western countries invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, a move that proved security is not sustainable in the world.

Moreover, General Rahim-Safavi pointed to the high potentials of Muslim countries and predicted that the Muslim world with its unique features and capabilities will turn into a premier and important power center of the world in the near future.

In his address to the UN General Assembly on Thursday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the US took advantage of the ‘suspicious’ September 11 incidents to justify its destructive occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq that cost many thousands of innocent lives.

The Iranian chief executive went on to raise serious questions about the credibility of the US government’s account of the 9/11 attacks, suggesting that “a very powerful and complex terrorist group, able to successfully cross all layers of the American intelligence and security, carried out the attacks.”

Cop Breaks WWII Vets Neck

ORLANDO, Fla. — A 26-year-old Orlando police officer threw an 84-year-old man to the ground so hard during a confrontation over the weekend that it broke his neck.

Daniel Daley is recovering at Florida Hospital where he underwent surgery for a broken neck Monday after he was arrested by Officer Travis Lamont late Saturday night. Daley’s son, Greg, told WFTV Monday he made it through surgery and is in intensive care.

Police said the war veteran committed a crime when he grabbed Officer Travis Lamont and officials said they will press charges against him.

Not everyone believes the officer did the right thing. Eyewitnesses said Daniel Daley might have stumbled into the officer, but they never saw him grab the officer around the neck, pull back his fist, or threaten to knock down the officer.

Daley was an Army intelligence officer during World War II and also served during Vietnam. Eyewitness Sean Hill said Daley did not draw back to punch the officer. He showed WFTV what happened before the officer threw him to the ground.

“He said, ‘I’m not done talking to this cop.’ Whether it was alcohol, he stumbled. He’s 84 years old; he needs a walker,” Hill said.

Hill said he will never forget the sound of Daley’s head hitting the pavement.

“Like a watermelon. Pop!” he described.

Orlando police said Daniel Daley was intoxicated when he grabbed the officer’s neck and then threatened to punch him. WFTV spoke with Orlando Police Department Sgt. Barbara Jones Monday (full interview) , who said Daley had a .187 alcohol level, twice the legal limit for driving.

“He grabbed the officer, pulled back his arm and said, ‘I’m not going anywhere until I knock out this cop,’ something to that effect,” Jones said.

Orlando police are defending Officer Lamont even before their review to determine whether his use of force was justified.

“Everybody is focusing on the age. I am focusing on the action of the person. People, 84, can kill officers, too, can cold-cock my officer in the face, knock him out and now you’ve got an officer laying down on the ground with a gun, and everything is completely out of control,” Jones said.

Officer Lamont had been called to the parking lot of The Caboose bar on North Orange Avenue south of Princeton Street (see map) around 11:00pm Saturday, after reports that Daley was arguing with a tow truck driver. Daley had gotten upset that his car was being towed. He allegedly unknowingly parked in a local market’s parking space.

Local bar owner Tim Scott said he had words with the officer.

“I told him, ‘Dude, you’re tougher than that.’ He said, ‘I didn’t know what he was going to do,'” Scott explained.

Greg Daley said he isn’t giving up.

“The severity of his injuries just seem as though an overwhelming amount of power to take him down like that,” he said (full interview) .

Greg Daley plans to take the Orlando Police Department to court and is considering pushing for a criminal investigation into Officer Lamont’s actions.

Attorney Mark NeJame says he’s representing Daley’s son and if the police did something wrong he’s going after them.

Police will review Daley’s arrest to determine whether the officer used excessive force. If he’s cleared, the only way there would be an internal affairs investigation is if Daley or his family files a complaint and that would also be reviewed by the Citizens Review Board.

WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said the state attorney could investigate it criminally.

“The State Attorney’s Office has the authority to take it to the grand jury and let the grand jury decide whether it was a lawful use of force,” Sheaffer said.

Officer Lamont has been with the department since 2008. WFTV found three disciplinary notes on his record. There were two for minor traffic crashes involving his patrol car. The third was after Lamont arrested someone for a misdemeanor, but didn’t see the crime himself so the person had to be let go.

Police sent the incident report (read it) involving Daley’s arrest to prosecutors. They want Daley to be charged with assault and battery on a law enforcement officer and disorderly conduct.

Colin Powell Hires Illegal Immigrants

So unemployment is over 10% and this asshole has the audacity to hire a bunch of illegal wetbacks to work for him?

WASHINGTON – Former Secretary of State Colin Powell says illegal immigrants do essential work in the U.S. and that he has firsthand knowledge of that — because they fix his house.

A moderate Republican, Powell urged his party on Sunday to support immigration generally because those who come from abroad are, in his words, “what’s keeping this country’s lifeblood moving forward.”

Powell said a path to legal status should be offered to illegal immigrants because they do work that needs to get done.

At his own house, he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” illegal immigrants are always around when he needs work done.

He did not specify whether he hired them directly or they showed up with contractors.