Can You Steal From The Government?

White western civilization at it’s core is based on Christian morality, as the Bible says the law is written on our hearts. Most people today just consider it to be their conscience.  So the idea of stealing is against our very nature, the majority of Whites today cannot steal from others and feel at peace, and rightly so.

I pose to you the questions, is it possible to steal from the government? Is it possible to cheat on your taxes?

Let’s consider what government is, specifically the US government structure Federal State and Local. By it’s very nature the government is a parasite, a rapist. Too strong? Let’s be blunt, the government feeds off the taxpayer and even the non tax payer alike through inflation if nothing else. Without taxation and inflation the government would cease to exist. As defined in our declaration of independence from Britian the SOLE reason governments are created is to protect our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. That’s it, close the book. At this point and from the belly of the behemoth it’s hard to even fathom a government that actually stuck to those very minimal duties.

Nobody on this planet has a right to your life, liberty or property. Nobody but you owns the fruits of your labor. Yet the government literally steals it from you at gunpoint as Edward Abbey wrote “If you refuse to pay unjust taxes, your property will be confiscated. If you attempt to defend your property, you will be arrested. If you resist arrest, you will be clubbed. If you defend yourself against clubbing, you will be shot dead. These procedures are known as the Rule of Law.”

So you see if you are honest with yourself it is quite literally theft at the point of a gun. So if nobody has the right to your possessions how is it right that the bureaucratic behemoth swoops down and demands them, and even has the audacity to demonize those who resist?

By very definition taking money from someone through either inflation or taxation is theft against someones will, if someone willingly gave the money than it is a donation.

If someone forces another person to have sex with them against their will it is rape, the same thing that the government does, takes something from you in which they have no right to take.

Now say a girl is raped, is she bound to the rapist? If she has intercourse with someone else is she “cheating” on the rapist? That thought is the height of absurdity right? It certainly should be, but “cheating” on your taxes is exactly the same thing yet most normal people frown on the idea and consider it immoral. But how is you keeping your money immoral? It isn’t.  Illegal sure, certainly not immoral.

The rapist has no right to the girl, and the government has no right to take what is yours so how in any form or fashion can you cheat?

So we’ve established that you cannot cheat on your taxes but can you steal from the government? Say you steal reams of paper from some government office, or steal gas from some government gas pump is this stealing?

Theft by definition is “the illegal taking of another person’s property without that person’s freely-given consent”

With that definition in mind, whose property is the reams of paper in some government office? It is your paper, and mine we solely payed for it and nobody else. Nobody needs to give you consent to take what is yours.

Take this for example, some gang breaks into your home and steals 5,000 dollars. Months later you discover their unattended gang hideout and 5,000 dollars worth of things they have purchased. Now does this belong to the gang or does it belong to you? They bought it sure, but whose money did they buy it with? Yours. The property belongs to you not them.

But there are laws against taking my stuff back you say and you’re right. That is the sick beauty of government. Let’s go back to the gang of thieves example. Now consider that these thieves take your 5,000 dollars and spend 2,000 of it buying off the local politicians who pass a law making it illegal for you to go in and take your money back. Now YOU would be committing a crime by getting YOUR money back. This is exactly what the government does.

So do you just say “aw shucks it’s illegal and I can’t break the law” or do you say “I don’t give a damn what the law says it’s my money and by God I’m gonna get it back”

The Founding Fathers would say the latter.

Don’t concern yourself with what a corrupt gang government says is “legal” or “illegal” rather focus on what is moral or immoral.  It wasn’t “legal” when we seceded from Britain, but throwing off the yoke of someone, anyone, who oppresses you is the right thing to do.