Blatant Jew Propoganda In Axe Commercial

Most of you will pick it up no problem, for those who don’t here is a brief run down.

Attractive blonde haired blue eyed girl stars in a commercial full of sexual innuendos “axe clean your balls”

First they clean two golf balls and they talk about how small they are and the camera pans to the crowd where a White male turns his head in shame.

They also show a hook nosed rat applauding approvingly.

Then a negro pulls out a bag full of soccer balls and asks the White blonde if she can clean his “ball sack” the two women comment about how big they are and an old White grandmother nods in agreement.

This type of sh*t makes me sick. It’s so damn blatant, in your face, the jew is secure in his perceived dominant role over Western society that he doesn’t think you give a damn.

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