Jews Cozzying Up To Communist China?

Found this on someones youtube page.

Israel has been selling donated US weapons to China!
Weapons and military technology which has been paid for by US tax payers has been sold to China!
Dont you think it is strange that Israel is so obsessed with Irans peaceful use of nuclear energy technology but Israel thinks it is OK to sell military hardware and technology to China?
Do you think Israel should now sign the
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and open the doors to UN inspections?
Iran has signed the NPT and allows UN inspections.
Since Israel has been caught selling weapons and military technology I think it is very important that they do sign the NPT just in case they decide to sell their nuclear technology or nuclear materials to a country or group who do not like the USA or UK or the West. Either now or in the future.
Where did Israel get its 200 nuclear missiles from?
How do we know they still have 200?
Israel betrayed the US by selling US technology to Communist China:
There are reports that Israel sold Communist China-
The Advanced Warning and Control (AWACS) System,
The Patriot Missile Defense System,
The Tomahawk Missile,
The Sidewinder Missile,
The Battlefield Laser Gun,
The F16 Fighter and dozens of other high-tech military weapon systems.
For the first time, Chinese nuclear missiles are capable of reaching our continent because the Israelis sold them the required ICBM targeting Technology.
So who stabbed the US in the back?
The Arabs or Israel?
Where will future donated weapons destined for Israel end up?
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