The Difference Between Peace Officers And Law Enforcement Officers

Not to long ago in America, the police where known as Peace Officers. By their very name they were reminded of their sole function to SERVE and protect. No where does it say anything about enforcing anything.

Today however (as evidenced by this extensive tag) their mission changed.  No longer are they concerned about creating a peaceful environment to live in, but their purpose now is to “enforce laws”  they aren’t to question whether this promotes peace, or if these laws are moral or even constitutional they are just to be goons sent out to “enforce” them. 

If we are to ever have peace, justice and freedom on our shores we have to get back to being peace officers and not Law Enforcement thugs.

I came across this article and it made me decide to write this post. To sum it up some 17 year old girl is being a huge brat and making a scene on a schoolbus, the other kids are evacuated, and the “Law Enforcement Officer” for this school is called in. He talks to her for several minutes as does the principle and they are unable to talk her into getting off the bus.

So the “Law Enforcement Officer” decides he has had it and begins to forcibly remove a 17 year old girl from the bus, now mind you it’s been less than 20 minutes, so when the girl is grabbed she begins to flail around he hits the pig and so he uses a taser on the girl.

Now let’s assess the situation from the view of a Peace Officer whose job it is to serve and protect.

You are called out to a bratty girl who is throwing a fit on a schoolbus. Instead of talking to her for a few minutes and then physically removing her and then tazing her, wouldn’t it be more prudent to either wait it out even if it took hours (more than likely less than 1)?

Tazers have killed many people so why should you risk the life of an (admittedly) bratty child? Does that sound peaceful? Of course not.

No matter what we do there are going to be selfish people who don’t give a damn about hold up everyone else while they throw their tantrum, but does that person deserve to be tased? Hell no, should the school just refuse to have the child in class. Absolutely, the brat should no longer be welcome in the school. However to willy nilly use a deadly weapon on a CHILD is reckless and marks the sad difference between an Office Of The Peace, and a Law Enforcement Officer thug.