David Duke Blocked By Youtube

Dr. David Dukes wildly popular youtube channel has been blocked from youtube due to terms of service violations this comes just weeks after davidduke.com and several other sites were blocked in all the major browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc.  Upon visting his site you will receive a message that it is a reported “attack site” and prompted to leave immediately.

This is due to the fact that all the major browsers rely on one (obviously heavily biased) website to determine which sites are “attack sites” and which aren’t.  The website is called StopBadware.

Thankfully if you use Firefox like I do the solution around this is simple go to tools>options> click on the security tab>uncheck the box next to “Block reported attack sites”  and you won’t be censored by this again.

It’s obvious that Dr. Duke has been discriminated against by jewgle, if you have watched his videos (which I routinely post here)you would know that there is nothing illegal about them. None of them that I have seen have anything to do with hate, or urging people to commit crimes, but rather explain in a clear and concise manner the viewpoints of David Duke.

I urge everyone to contact youtube and let them know how you feel about the discrimination of Dr. Duke.