More Info On Youtubes Discrimination Against David Duke

As I wrote a few days ago David Dukes popular youtube channel has been blocked and all of his videos removed.  The following is Dr. Dukes response.

Youtube has suspended my account after some bogus claims by our traditional enemy.

I and an attorney have drafted a challenge. So the matter is far from decided.

I successfully challenged the flags on two videos and had them reinstated earlier this year.

Please, please, please, if you write Youtube about this, please use civil language and no threats veiled or otherwise, that would only hurt our case to have my account suspension lifted.

Thanks for your support, it may take quite a legal challenge to get reinstated.

Your gifts to help me with legal fees and our other work would be much appreciated. by designating a personal gift it is not taxable on my end.

These videos are changing the world, and now there are at least 10 million out there on the net in copies of mine or other programs and speeches I have made. I am working on two new new great videos as we speak!

It would be terrible for us to lose this important avenue of education and motivation for our people. I hope you can help me keep from losing this valuable resource.

Best to you,

And if you can help with some support right now, it would be greatly appreciated!”