Looking To Start Or Maintain Your Preps?

I look at prepping as simply insurance. Most people pay $1200 dollars per year in car insurance, or $1,000 per year in house insurance and they never file a claim. Worst case scenario with food preps is you buy say $500 worth of food, never eat it and it all goes bad in several years. Most people look at this as a complete waste of $500 but won’t bat an eye at paying over $100 dollars per month for car insurance and never using it.

As everyone knows we live in precarious times, nobody can predict with any certainty what next year holds let alone the next 10. I have explained before about how little it would take to disrupt order and to see a rapid degeneration of society.  Like I said nobody can predict the when why and how of a SHTF scenario but the possibility looms which is why I recommend buying cheap insurance to possibly save you or your families lives.

Here are several items that I believe everyone should have on hand.  Some of them I have personally and some I have just heard recommended.

Mountain House is a very popular brand of freeze dried food that has a shelf life in many cases of 25 years. By clicking the following link you can choose from many different options such as corn, chicken and rice, green peas, beef stew etc.

Although 72 hours worth of food I think is the bare minimum you should have on hand this might be useful for a family trip where you can’t carry your whole pantry worth of preps but don’t want to go totally empty handed.

Search Amazon.com for mountain house freeze dried food

By shopping through these links we make a couple % of Amazons profit at no cost to you, now if you want to REALLY help me out personally, than this 1 year supply of food for 2 adults and 3 children is for you! No bunker is complete without this. 🙂

Now that you have a start on your food preps you may want to consider other useful items that you will need if the store shelves are empty.

Paracord is very thin and rated for 500 pounds, it is very useful. I have used it to tie up a deer for cleaning, and now I use it as shoe laces. It is very versatile and I highly recommend it. You can get either 100′ or 1000′.

I plan on doing more of these types of posts in the future, if I can make recommendations of good books, documentaries, survival gear etc and make some money doing it than it is a win win. If you click on our Amazon store and then visit Amazon through that link anything that you buy we get a cut of the profits at no expense to you. I sincerely appreciate everyone who has done this in the past!

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