Hook Nosed Rats Celebrate Removing David Duke From Jewtube


Well, the antisemitic and neo-Nazi forums are abuzz! The David Duke (“drduke”) YouTube channel has now, finally, been eliminated! It just goes to show, hard work, determination, and patience pay off! We’ve urged our supporters to report the David Duke YouTube channel for quite some time. Back in April, we published Rabbi Dov Coder’s Letter to YouTube Regarding David Duke’s Antisemitic YouTube Account in full. It seems that the folks at Google/YouTube finally got around to reading it, and responding to our thousands of complaints, as the David Duke YouTube cannel is now gone!

Of course, David Duke’s YouTube channel is only one of the THOUSANDS of channels we have been directly responsible for reporting to YouTube, as it was against their TOS. Beyond antisemitic content, we also target jihadist content. Some people might call this “censorship,” but we’re actually doing the YouTube community a favor, as videos which promote hate and violence are against YouTube’s rules.

YouTube is a private company with private rules and they are free to moderate the content on their site, however they see fit. Anyone who claims this is a 1st Amendment issue is clueless about the 1st Amendment. The concept of “free speech” does not apply in private realms with private rules dictating what type of content is allowed. Just as you cannot yell “bomb” on an airplane, you cannot preach hate/violence on YouTube.

You can read our guide for reporting such content and see a lot of our other successes here.

As we’ve proven time and time again, the JIDF is the most active and effective force against online Jew hatred and terrorism. We don’t just expose the issues. We don’t just write press releases to kvetch about them. We encourage our network of over 270,000+ strong to report this trash. We been able to build this network because we are not alone in our outrage against such material. It’s been going on long enough and we’re just proud to have created something—perhaps one of the few things out there—to effectively fight it.

If you agree, learn how to Volunteer! Get Involved! Help Support Israel and Fight Jew Hatred and Terrorism Online! Beyond that, you can support our work, financially.

Unlike most mainstream Jewish organizations that have completely neglected these issues that bring in hundreds of millions of dollars via professional fundraising efforts, we are more focused on the issues, not the funds. Despite the fact that we reach so many people with this effort, most do not contribute. Therefore, any bit helps. We feel that nearly everyone with an internet connection should be able to afford $5/month, so if you appreciate our work here and the taking out of David Duke’s YouTube channel and thousands of others just like it, please do what you can to support us! Every bit helps, and is appreciated!