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In a murder-for-hire, targeted Individual couple case involving the FBI, yesterday, the Court granted Cyndi Steele’s Motion to Vacate the No Contact Order in part, allowing her to see her husband, a rights defender exposing human trafficking, now in solitary confinement for state accused attempted murder of his wife with a WMD, a pipe-bomb. Some people, on both the left and right, view the case to be a Cointelpro operation to neutralize Steele, as his attorney recently alluded outside the courthouse, winning a round of applause.

Although stringent visitation conditions exist, Mrs. Steele is grateful for contact with her husband, Edgar Steele, about family business and for the isolation known to all Targeted Individuals, to be eased.

Mr. Steele, a First Amendment lawyer, is presently alone in a cell, without human contact except when allowed: 1) mail, restricted from regular mail privileges to post cards, most rejected and returned to sender; 2) visits from five people designated by Edgar, in a booth separating him, with communications with the visitor and audio/video device monitoring and recording; 3) telephone contact with a broader range of persons, only in 14 minute segments by collect calls, very expensive (part of the private contractor lucrative US prison industry); and 4) visits from his lawyer.

Repeatedly, Mrs. Steele has stated that she does not believe her husband was involved in a plot to kill her. (See press conference video aired on KREM below, Murder -for-hire suspects wife speaks publicly for first time today.) Mr. Steele has been exposing human trafficking, the illegal trade in human beings, mainly women and children for commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor: modern-day slavery. It is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world; tied with the illegal arms industry as second largest, after the drug-trade. (Wikipedia)

A U.S. Department of Justice July, 2008 study indicates that over 30 percent of all trafficking cases that year were children coerced into the sex industry. ( United States State Department data estimates that 600,000 to 820,000 men, women, and children are trafficked across international borders annually, mainly for sexual exploitation; approximately 80% are women and girls; and up to 50 percent are minors.

Edgar Steele was on the verge of exposing the link used by Sovic money interests that steal thousands from older Americans drawn into the Russian Bride scam, Mr. Steele’s attorney, Mr. Wesley Hoyt told the writer, explaining that the Slovic block of mafia have perfected the art of slave trade to a new high-tech level.

“As soon as Ed, author of one book, Defensive Racism, said the word, there is a book in this bride scam business. He went from merely on the watch list, to being set up with a pipe bomb placed under his wife’s car by the handyman and then blamed, as if he was the mastermind in a plot to kill his wife and mother-in-law,” stated Hoyt.

According to James Buchanan on David Duke’s website, Steele had “planned to become more politically active – even running for political office.”

Isolation and death for exposing high-level corruption

Mr. Hoyt told the Examiner, “The problem is that there is no organization to help [Targeted Individuals] because people are afraid and silenced by these murderers, like Aaron Russeau, the movie producer of Freedom to Fascism who was killed by induced cancer.

“I read Heike Sura Painter’s letter, seeing how isolated she is and wishing I could help. Isolation is just exactly what the conspiracy wants,” stated Hoyt. (See: Dupre, D.,Let’s kill all the good guys – National Human Rights | Aug 29, 2010)

Painter is the Targeted Individual who wrote to President Obama requesting that he halt the widespread torture an assassination attacks on innocent listed people, offering to help him, and vowing to copy the letter to other nation’s leaders due to the extremist nature of the crime.

The two Idaho Targeted Individuals have been unable to speak to each other since June with one exception, a supervised visit in th presence of Mr. Steele’s attorney.

Hoyt told the human rights national news Examiner yesterday, “The point is that part of the KGB Playbook that the Government is following requires that the Targeted Individual be isolated, so that people cannot get their cards and letters through to bring him hope.”

Hoyt suggests that people who want to show support for Ed write to him c/o a designated recipient who can open the letters and “so that Cyndi can tell Ed about the volume of support and the outpouring of empathy from the outside world.

“Even though he cannot receive the letters himself, he will know that the world has not forgotten him. When I have spoken to him I have told him that his friends are still his friends and they still love him.”

Most women do not want to speak with the alleged perpetrator of crime against them. In the September 20, 2010 Press Conference, however, it is clear Mrs. Steele believes her husband is innocent and that he has been set-up.

Grateful to be alive

Outside the federal courthouse in Coeur d’Alene, in the press conference on Cyndi Steele and the pipe bomb discovered under her car June 15, 2010 at Fastlane Quick Lube, and in a prepared statement for her first public appearance since the bomb was found attached to the undercarriage of her car, she said she is grateful to be alive – despite the fact that Larry Fairfax, handyman turned pipe-bomber, tried to murder her and her mother.

Mrs. Steele said at the press conference, aired in full by (video below), that the FBI told her there are accomplices of Mr. Fairfax who have not been arrested or charged with crimes and she is afraid the FBI is not doing its job, failing to apprehend these crimes.

All she wants is what all Targeted Individuals want: truth and encouraged unbiased journalism to vigorously investigate and report truth. Mrs. Steele asked if the media believes in presumption of innocence instead of convicting people like her husband, Edgar Steele in the Press before PROVEN guilty.

Ask the hard questions of both sides and do not demonize the accused until found guilty in a court of law or admitted guilt, she urged the press. Mrs. Steele said that Larry Fairfax is the one guilty and admitted his guilt in his Plea Bargain Agreement according to Steele, pointing to Fairfax’s guilt of attempted murder by his own admission and thus, he is the Idaho Pipe Bomber. She emphasized that Fairfax is a liar and thief and that her husband has never admitted guilt.

Steele said she is standing by her husband since she knows he is innocent and gives several reasons why provided by Hoyt:

a. Edgar Steele has proclaimed his innocence from the very beginning.
b. The government has NOT presented any proof of Steele’s guilt and evidence they did present, such as the tapes, is flawed and untrustworthy.
c. Evidence shows Fairfax is a thief, a liar and an attempted murderer.
d. Fairfax was in deep financial trouble in May, having just declared bankruptcy earlier this year. He had told Mrs. Steele that he was losing equipment needed in his business and was about to lose his house;
e. Mr. Fairfax told Mrs. Steele and her husband how desperately he needed money, one reason they continued to give him work;
f. On Nov. 21, 2009 Edgar Steele almost died from an aortic aneurysm, only by one of God’s miracles that he lived. Over the next six months he had three other surgeries, the last of which was a nose aneurysm that threatened his life, again requiring another emergency surgery in May 2010.
g. The pipes froze in her family home this past winter and Mr. Fairfax came into their lives as “Larry the Plumber” to fix the pipes. In a weakened state, Mr. Steele became increasingly more reliant upon Mr. Fairfax to help fix other things at the Steele property. Mr. Fairfax became aware that the Steeles were using their out buildings as a place for safe keeping of their silver coins.
h. Because of Edgar Steele’s weakened condition, Mr. Fairfax was able to steal $45,000 worth of silver coins from the Steeles. [Targeted Individuals have reported their perpetrator manipulates the situation so that the target become dependent on them, as a tortured victim is of his torturer.]
i. As Mr. Fairfax cashed in those silver coins, he became scared that Mr. Steele would catch him.
j. Mr. Fairfax had a motive to scheme the murder-for-hire plot. By alerting the FBI of the plot, he could cover up his crime, making it appear he was helping the FBI solve a much more serious crime.
k. Mr. Fairfax had been a DEA informant and had contacts in the government.
l. The FBI saw opportunity to concoct a story to implicate Edgar because he has been so outspoken and effective in representing the politically incorrect.
m. At Mr. Fairfax’s Detention Hearing on June 20, 2010, it was said that Magistrate Candy Dale made a finding that he wasn’t “…completely forthcoming in his dealings with law enforcement and has subjected people to danger and can’t be trusted to be released.”
n. Mrs. Steele says that it is an outrage that the authorities continue to believe anything Mr. Fairfax has to say, especially since the most critical information he was covering up was placing a pipe-bomb on her car in his attempt to murder her and her mother.
o. Mr. Fairfax continues to lie by claiming he “…made the bomb in a way that it wouldn’t detonate.” It was lethal, however, as stated by C. Todd Smith, a BATF&E agent, and the Coeur d’Alene Police Bomb Squad blew it up.

Mrs. Steele said:

“I don’t get how the authorities can continue to claim Mr. Fairfax was out to save my life. When is placing a lethal bomb on someone’s car, for any reason, being out to save a life? No, this is attempted murder and the government has failed to charge him with attempted murder.

“I still shake in fear when I think about the devastation that could have been caused if that bomb exploded. Not only to me and my mom, but to other family members, including my 2 year old granddaughter, our friends, and every person who was near my car as I drove through Oregon, Washington and Idaho in June.

“I still fear for our lives because Mr. Fairfax, as stated in his Plea Agreement, had an accomplice who went from Idaho to Oregon with him to check on the bomb under my car on May 31st; and the government still has not arrested or charged that person.

“Why was this other person, not Larry, the one who looked under my car for the bomb? Mr. Fairfax is the one who attached the bomb and would have known where to look.

“Why is the government relying on unreliable hearsay from this other person when it is coming through Larry Fairfax who has proven himself to be a liar?”

Mrs. Steele pointed out that Mr. Fairfax states in his Plea Agreement that he and this other person together, as co-conspirators, made a decision to assume that the bomb had fallen off of her car and said, “You would think they wouldn’t have just assumed, but rather they would have made certain that the bomb was off my car if they wanted to then save lives?”

“Did you get that? They decided that this lethal weapon of mass destruction was lying on the ground somewhere between Sagle, Idaho and Portland, Oregon, and the FBI did nothing about that.”

Mrs. Steele encouraged the media and investigative reporters to answer the question: Who is this person that went with Mr. Fairfax on May 31st to check on the bomb?

“Why hasn’t he been arrested and charged? Why is he still at large and allowed to be a danger to people?”

Due to an indication that the government knows identity of this person, Mrs. Steele wants media to ask the government the following two questions:

Why hasn’t government charged this other person as a co-conspirator since he/she helped Mr. Fairfax advance the criminal enterprise?
Why hasn’t government arrested this person as a co-conspirator since he knows how to handle bombs, willingly participated in a scheme that involved attaching a bomb under a car, knew about the bomb on Mrs. Steele’s car in May and is a danger to the public?

Mrs. Steele pointed out that none of these issues have been addressed by the FBI and, in fact, the FBI has completely ignored the public safety aspect of this case.

“Obviously, this co-conspirator was a part of the plot to murder me, which was also designed to do harm to the public — what am I missing?”

Mrs. Steele pointed out that the bomb manufactured by Mr. Fairfax and placed under her vehicle could have blown up anyone, even the reporters at the Press Conference and their families.

“As if this isn’t bad enough, there is more. The FBI also identified two other accomplices to Mr. Fairfax who they said wanted to run me and my mother off the road.”

“When the FBI first approached me on June 11, 2010 as we were at my mother’s house near Portland, they, the two FBI agents, said nothing about a bomb under my car.”

The two FBI agents said some people wanted to kill Mrs. Steele and her mother in a tactic consistently reported by Targeted Individuals, by running them “off the road.”

“Why aren’t those two co-conspirators being prosecuted by the government?”

“Doesn’t anyone of you want to ask the government why those two people are not in jail right now under charges of attempted murder? And why are they still at large where they present a clear danger to our community?“

Call for media and reporters to look for real culprits

Mrs Steele challenged reporters to ask the U.S. Prosecutor and FBI: “What does it take to get you to do your job?”

Addressing charges against her husband, Mrs. Steele said, “I told you that I would explain why I believe my did not participate in any murder-for-hire plots… that is because I know Edgar Steele better than anyone. I have been married to Ed over 25 years and we have had a long, loving, bonded and mutually inter-dependent relationship.

“I know what he is capable of– I also know what he is not capable of and he is not capable of planning to murder anyone. He would lay down his own life before allowing anyone to harm me and/or his mother-in-law.
“In fact, the idea that Ed would have a bomb attached to my car is totally ridiculous and preposterous because he loves his family deeply and would be devastated if anything happened to his children, grandchild, me or my mom.
“I do not understand how anyone could think that he would harm his grandchild?
“As an honorable man and a First Amendment Lawyer, he has spent his life solving crimes, issues, conflicts and peacefully seeking change through the legal system.
“Never has he been violent or advocated for violence.
“He has no time, no patience for, and certainly no interest in murdering anyone or committing any other crimes, for that matter.
“Now I ask you, how a person who refers to me as “His Rock” and whose favorite expression is: Equal rights for all and special rights for none would somehow have a reason to plot this murder-for-hire against me?
“It just does not add up that Ed Steele would be involved, but it does add up that Larry Fairfax, who introduced the idea of hiring a hit man out of the blue in their conversations about handyman things around the property, would do something like this and point the finger at my husband.

As reporters continued to question authenticity of Mrs. Steele’s statements, she told them, “Let’s look for the real culprit”:

“How about the person who is financially desperate, and who just stole $45,000 that he might want to cover up –would he have a motive to make up such a plot?

“As the Media, you should be very suspicious of the government’s accusations against my husband or anyone for that matter, when they present the real culprit as a person they want to protect with an 18-month Plea Agreement.

“As the Media, you need to ask, ‘Why would the government want to participate in a plot to blame Edgar Steele for something he did not do?’

“Then notice how the government’s story keeps changing: First they claimed that my husband’s motive was life insurance on me and my mother, but they could not find a life insurance policy — because none existed. Then they changed their story about the motive two more times after that and it still doesn’t hold up, because Ed has no motive to kill me or his mother-in-law.

“Look, my mom’s health has been pretty bad the last few years and because she can’t work full time, her house was going into foreclosure this spring. Ed, on his own, paid $3,000 to my mother’s mortgage company to avoid foreclosure this spring, so that she could have a “short sale” and still live in her own home until her house was sold and, hopefully, to give her more time to recover before having to move.

“This was Ed’s idea, not mine, because he is a man of charity, integrity and conviction. Ed has great respect for my mother, who now is so sick, she has faced multiple surgeries. My mother needs my help and I, as her only child, am a central part of her health care team.”

According to the attorney Wesley Hoyt, with a long history of defending Targeted Individuals, the press conference was to inform media that everything presented in the prepared statement by Mrs. Steele are reasons she objects to the pending Plea Agreement offered to Larry Fairfax. Hoyt submitted the following key objections in a written statement to the Examiner:

a. Manufacturing a firearm, rather than an aggravated offense. Judge Dale pointed out that Mr. Fairfax was accused of crimes of violence.
b. The present deal includes a probable 18 months of confinement, an outrageously “soft plea” bargain for a man who admits he attempted to murder her and her mother.
c. Mr. Fairfax is a proven liar who was not honest or forthcoming on June 8th about the bomb under her car. He held secret that fact for seven days, until after the bomb was discovered on June 15th during an oil change.
d. He is a thief and an admitted attempted murderer, so why is he being given a soft plea deal?
e. He is not the one who notified the authorities about the Weapon of Mass Destruction under her car. It was Josh Young of Fast Lane Quick Lube who did that.
f. He hasn’t been charged with attempted murder, possession of an explosive device in a crime of violence or theft of the $45,000 in silver coins;
g. The Government isn’t doing anything to make him pay restitution, even though he got the silver and cashed a lot of it in.
h. Mrs. Steele asks: “Is this the government’s way of paying off their Confidential Informant? By not charging him with theft so he can keep our money?”
i. And worse yet, is another pay off not charging him with attempted murder?
j. And, don’t forget: There are more Fairfax accomplices out there who haven’t been identified by the FBI or arrested and charged. If Mr. Fairfax gets off easy, these accomplices will be allowed to get off scott-free for their crimes.

Mrs. Steele stated:

“I don’t and never will feel safe until the FBI catches the entire Fairfax Gang and the public won’t be safe either. The Media should be asking the government the hard questions about capturing these bad guys. Please understand that I will continue to object to any Plea Agreement, especially a plea bargain that has no teeth, until the other three co-conspirators are brought to justice and Mr. Fairfax has been charged with the real crimes he committed: Attempted murder and Theft.

“Meanwhile, my mother and I, and the rest of my family are scared to death that someone really is going to kill us; if not with a bomb or by running us off the road, then by some other fashion. This should even scare you, because if they were willing to use a Weapon of Mass Destruction once on a couple of innocent old ladies, they are obviously ruthless killers who will do it again and the next time it could be in your neighborhood – And the FBI doesn’t seem to want to be accountable.

“My mother now is critically ill – This fictional drama about her son-in-law plotting to murder her and her daughter and the reality of Mr. Fairfax getting out in only 18 months and the other accomplices still at large are only making her health worse!

“You, as the media, need to help investigate, ask the tough questions and demand that the government does their job – so that the true criminals are convicted and all of us are truly SAFE!

“Once again, let me stress: The idea that Ed had put out a contract to kill my mother and me is ABSOLUTELY preposterous!

In a final statement, Mrs. Steele thanked Josh Young and his co-workers who discovered the bomb when she brought her car in for an oil change, and for calling the police. She thanked the Bomb Squad for risking their lives to remove the bomb from under her car.

“I also, want to apologize to all the businesses and travelers along Hwy 95, while they closed down everything around the location of the Fastlane Quick Lube because my car was there with a bomb under it. I realize that this was an inconvenience for everyone and a financial strain on their businesses.

“I’m just glad that we are all still alive.”

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