Jews Lose 10% Of Their Seats In Congress

Only 4 seats, not a huge victory but noteworthy I assume.

There were 44 Jews in the 111th Congress.…th-us-congress

There are 40 Jews in the 112th Congress.…th-us-congress

“Everything was thrown at us, including…..the oven...”

– Barbara Boxer (Jew)

One of the biggest victories if not the biggest was sending Russ Feingold home

“Finally, there has been no justice for the thousands of Jews, like those aboard the German vessel the St. Louis, who sought refuge from hostile Nazi treatment but were callously turned away at America’s shores.

A second commission created by this bill will review the treatment by the U.S. government of Jewish refugees who were fleeing Nazi persecution and genocide. We must review the facts here as well and determine how restrictive immigration policies failed to provide adequate safe harbor to Jewish refugees fleeing the persecution of Nazi Germany. It is a horrible truth that the United States turned away thousands of refugees, delivering many refugees to their deaths at the hands of the Nazi regime.”

– Former Senator Feingold (Jew)

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