Quantititive Easing Works

Just not how they tell you it will.

Things are rarely ever as they seem, or as they are sold to you. Continually I read articles and listen to podcasts where seemingly intelligent people are distraught over how “QE 2” will just exacerbate our severe economic woes. They say things like “doesn’t this moron Ben Shalom Bernanke know this is going to cause high if not hyper inflation?”

The Fed’s actions seem to bewilder most people, the Austrians say that Bernanke is just following the Keynesian playbook and that Keynesians “just don’t understand economics” but at the same time they realize the Fed policy makers are highly educated men. Now I certainly am the last person to place any importance at all on paper, be it fiat currency or prestigious degrees but my point is that the international jewish bankers who control the world’s monetary policy are NOT dumb. So for the austrians to contend that they are is quite naive. You don’t just waltz in and gain 100% control over the money supply of the most powerful nation the earth has ever seen, you have to be greedy, evil, seditious and smart. These bankers are these things.

The Austrians have it partially right, that Quantitative Easing AKA printing money with reckless abandon does not help an economy, does not lower unemployment, raise GDP or lower prices. In fact it does the opposite raises private sector unemployment lowers real GDP (not counting QE spending) and drastically raises prices for everyone in the country.

So maybe you are asking yourself

“what the hell? This guy just said the QE works now he says it doesn’t?”

QE does work, but it doesn’t help an economy. What it does is what it’s intended to do, not what they tell you it’s supposed to do.

Pay attention here because this is crucial that you understand and study for yourself.  As I have pointed out at every oppurtunity Marxism, Communism is a jewish invention and a jewish controlled instutition from day one.  Nobody on the planet besides jews themselves deny that jews 100% dominate the banking industry, they control the world’s central banks and by default the world’s currencies.

As the above link shows, communism is the endgame for the jews.  This is their dream and their weapon to carry it out is unlimited amounts of money because they control the worlds banks.  So understanding how jewish communsim and jewish banking go hand in hand is absolutely step one to putting the puzzle together.  They want a system where the jews and perhaps some token shabbos goy will reign over the slaves, the mere worker bees of whose lives have no importance. A workers paradise where everyone is equal except those running the show.

Now ponder this quote by Russian jewish communist leader Vladmir Lenin

“The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”

The communist game has remained unchanged in over 100 years, the tactics are not different. YOU are being screwed in a system where the bankers print money at your expense and divvy it up amongst themselves, part of the check arrives immediately through inflation and the other part shows up shortly after in the form of extreme taxation (50% in the US in most cases) because someone has to pay for the enormous deficits.

You. You pay for it, nobody else. THEY spend it, YOU pay for it. That is the system, so while they are living large sailing the world on yachts and buying private islands you are busting your ass to pay your bills, all the while trying to keep your nose clean because big brother grips you tighter by the day.

This is communism, welcome to Amerika.

The first step to fighting it is realistically assessing the situation. So don’t expect these communist jews to jump before Congress and say,

“Well yes sir Dr. Paul QE will bring on much higher inflation and the public’s savings is eroded away every year and the prices they pay go up because of this money printing”

I honestly think this is what people expect Bernanke to say before Congress and it blows my mind.

Instead they say,

“We are in the midst of the longest and deepest economic downturns in modern history, something that we have never faced before and it requires new and creative ways to deal with the problem, Quantitative Easing will allow banks to lend and businesses to borrow thus creating jobs”

Wake up and don’t expect them to tell the Truth, all these bastards do is lie.

This will be a two part post. In the second part I will explain why it is necessary for you to be poor.

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