The Truth In Our Time Christmas List

With Christmas just around the corner I would like to make a few recommendations on gifts for people who are interested in learning how the world works. As always if you buy anything on Amazon through the following links we earn a small percentage. It’s only a couple percent and it’s at no extra cost to you but it does help.

I’m always looking to expand my library and look forward to using the proceeds to do just that this year.


Truth In Our Time

None Dare Call It Treason:

This book is one of the most well documented I have ever read, it outlines just how deep the marxist ties go in this country. Every fact is cited and backed up with historical record. This was an eye opener for me on several levels and I have bought many copies for friends and family.

The Revolution: A Manifesto


End The Fed

These books are perfect for people who are just starting on their road to understanding the political system in America. They give a good overview of what is wrong with politics today and do a good job to show how Democrats and Republicans have worked in concert to destroy our economy and our Republic. I have bought almost 20 copies of these books and distributed them already.

Republic: A Novel Of Americas Future

This is a fiction books about military conflict in America with the scenario being West Virginia seceding form the Union and the Federal military working to squash the revolt. It’s been a couple years since I read it but it was enjoyable.

Economics In One Lesson

This is the best books I have read regarding economics. It lays out a multitude of scenarios and clearly explains why free markets are the best option for prosperity and why government intervention is less than efficient at best and detrimental at worst. If you want to explain economics to someone or grasp ideas for yourself than this is a must have for your library.

Wealth Building Strategies

This is the only book on the list which I haven’t read yet.  Chris Waltzek is the host of GoldSeek Radio and has great insights into the market and in several years of listening to him I have never heard him lead people wrong or give out suspicious advice.   If you are looking for an investing podcast you can’t do better than GoldSeek Radio and if you are looking for a book on the subject I doubt you will do better than this one.

As always you can find these and more in our Truth In Our Time Store

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