Done With House

I have heard since Fox’s House MD first came out how good a show it is. How I would like it and how great Hugh Laurie was in it. As I’m sure you all can imagine I watch very very little TV but I decided to give House a shot.

After the first few episodes the show had promise, only minimal propaganda from what I could tell the most brazen example is the black Doctor played by Omar Epps. The odds of a having a black doctor are extremely rare, I don’t have any figures but I know that I nor anyone I have asked has ever even seen one. This propaganda is to be expected since no network will greenlight a White only show. The emphasis is put on pushing multi culturalism instead of accuracy of details. So this didn’t come as a surprise to me.

A few episodes in a black billionaire donates 100 million dollars to the hospital and becomes chairman of the board. He tells his story one where his father gave him 20,000 dollars for school but instead he started a business and being so intelligent and hard working as blacks are known to be he turned 20,000 into over 1 billion. Again this has no basis in reality whatsoever. At the time of this writing there are a grand total of 3 black billionaires in the world of nearly 7,000,000,000 people. Only 1 in the US which is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah who was “made” a billionaire is far from an entrepreneur who started with 20,000 dollars and made over 1 billion. So having a black billionaire business man is literally so far removed from reality it’s laughable.

About mid way through season one there is a heart transplant performed by… guessed it a black doctor. Now as I’ve said I have never even seen a black Doctor period let alone one skilled enough to perform a complex medical procedure like a heart transplant.

At this point the future of me watching the show is looking grim. So I talked to a friend today (the main one who recommended me the show) and told him of these concerns, and said well at least there hasn’t been any race mixing. He explained that the black doctor does bed down with a White doctor brought in later in the show. At this point it became clear, I have no business watching this filth.

I can take a certain amount of propaganda (I would NEVER give any revenue to these jew networks)since I see through the brainwashing 10 miles away. But for filth like this I absolutely draw the line. Not much in this world sickens me more than seeing what would be an attractive White women with a nigger. It’s sick, perverse and the hook nosed kikes love it.

So I am done with House, just like Home Depot, Levi’s and McDonalds and Absolut Vodka and I don’t want anyone to misunderstand. I’m sure some of you will say “oh he doesn’t want black people to be on TV” and while this would be ideal it has nothing to do with me not watching the show. It has everything to do with the fact that these examples are pure propaganda, ZERO basis in reality and exist solely so that people think that blacks are equal to Whites and that bedding down with a black is no problem, nor is having little niglets.

It is a problem, it’s an enormous problem and I won’t support it in any fashion.