Lt. Col Terrence Lakin Caves

I had hope when this man challenged orders and wanted Obama to prove his Constitutional eligibility. I should’ve known better. Now Lakin is groveling for his job back. Hell on one hand I can’t blame him since he faces losing his considerable retirement and 42 months in prison, I guess I should be thankful he stood up at all unlike the rest of his comrades in arms. I just wish someone would actually obey their oath.


FORT MEADE, Md. – Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin apologized today for forcing the Army to court-martial him over his attempt to compel President Barack Obama to prove his constitutional eligibility to serve as commander-in-chief.

Convicted on all four charges against him, Lakin told his court-martial panel he will no longer disobey orders and would resume his military career if the Army would let him.

“I am extremely sorry for everything that has come of this,” Lakin said in unsworn testimony during the sentencing phase of his trial. “As a military member, I was wrong.”

The doctor, who several witnesses testified has an exemplary service record, will be sentenced tomorrow.

Lakin faces as many as 42 months in prison, forfeiture of pay and retirement benefits and dismissal from the service after being convicted of four felonies. Lakin pleaded guilty to two counts of disobeying orders to report to his commanding officer and one count of failing to report to his new unit. The court-martial panel found him guilty of the most serious charge, missing the movement of an airplane that was to take him to his new post.

The panel is also free to give Lakin a lesser sentence, or no punishment at all.

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