Vains Of Jenna – The Art Of Telling Lies

From the first time I heard and especially saw Vains Of Jenna a few years ago I was a fan.  To me they are the best band to come out in the last 20 years.  (not that that means too much since most new bands were nothing but worthless fads)  When their newest album came out, The Art Of Telling Lies, I listened to it immediately and was not disappointed.  Then I came to the final track, the title track The Art Of Telling Lies.  Perhaps I am reading to much into it since I am a fan and want my assessment to hold some validity and I know that songs mean different things to different people and that musicians very often write the most ambiguous lyrics probably for that purpose.

So here is the song, with the lyrics underneath and I will write my interpretation in red.

This can’t go on
The madness that’s programmed in our minds (Programmed by years of jewish brainwashing everywhere you turn, TV, movies, textbooks)
All the time
History just keeps repeatin’
I’m sick and tired cause no ones takes the blame (Jews come in rape a society, then move on to the next host all while playing the poor oppressed jew card)

It’s so frustrating (Indeed it is)

Stand up and face what they have done
The strength is deep inside
It’s time to change what’s now become
The Art Of Telling Lies (At this point jews have perfected brainwashing and propaganda and people in this age group (20’s) are waking up to this reality)

Don’t be afraid
Life can’t get much worse for us today (You spend 10’s of thousands of dollars on school and can’t even get a job, gas is 3x what it was 10 years ago house prices are still 3x what they were 10 years ago yet the money you make if you do have a job is the same as it was 10 years ago.
In every way
Blow up all your daily routines
And question every word you hear them say (Turn off the TV, the controlled books, and wake up to the reality, turn off talk radio and get your news from non controlled websites)

It’s all disgusting

Stand up and face what they have done
The strength is deep inside
It’s time to change what’s now become
The Art Of Telling Lies

Devil heads in dirty suits
Dissect the world that’s blinded to our eyes (Jews dissect and divvy up the wealth of entire nations that they drive to the brink of bankruptcy and what’s more these kikes get bailed out by We The People, but it’s blinded to us because they create our reality.)

Mislead by the choices made
Their broken trust has left us here behind (They tell you to go to the rat race be a good citizen don’t question authority.  But what has it gotten us?  Tyranny and a raping of the people by the jewish bankers.  So now we are left in a country to live in poverty while they pack up and head to the next host)

Puppeteers with promises
Speak empty words and tainted evil lies (The media, the politicians, the teachers lie, they lie everyday to keep you under control so that you don’t go looking for the man behind the curtain, they want you to be a doubleplus good citizen)

Justify what’s good for them
They rape our souls and leave us here to die (They have no conscience, they rape our very way of life and they start by destroying the one thing that will in time be their undoing True Christianity, when this falls or become subverted everything else is like dominos, the family, homosexuality and all manner of degenerate filth becomes rampant, and THEY leave US here)


So you might be saying, “well isn’t this type of music glamorizing a non productive lifestyle, how could this possibly mean what you think it means”

Well shortly after this albums release the song writer and lead singer left the band to marry his girlfriend and leave the jew dominated entertainment industry behind. His career was beginning to take off, and he was young only mid 20’s. I see no other reason for his departure. In interviews he has stated that this was the only song that he had in mind when they went to record the album. I think he wanted to put these lyrics down and immortalize them.

For that reason, and going on my own personal hope I post them here now.