My Thoughts On Wikileaks

It was only a few months ago when I first mentioned Julian Assange to someone and unsurprisingly they didn’t know who I was talking about. I explained what type of organization wikileaks was and went over some of the various notable leaks, the most recent at that time being collateral murder. Since that time wikileaks has become a household name and while people most likely have not read any of the actual leaks, they all have an opinion on the site and Assange.

I can’t even recall exactly how I found wikileaks. It’s been years, around the time of Project Chanology where Anonymous was using information from wikileaks to build their case against the Church Of $cientology. So wikileaks has been one of my bookmarks for years, I would check it regularly and often come across some interesting memos and various “secrets” that were interesting enough. But for me they really became earth shattering with the CRU emails.

As we know all to well, “global warming” was a dominant theme of this decade. Everyone was hammering it into our heads, on the local news, musicians, textbooks, in movies, in schools, in commercials, it was absolutely everywhere. It was a way for the elites to keep the would be challengers in check, to keep the freer markets held back while the non White world caught up, for White society to pay taxes (reparations) to the rest of the world for being successful.

Then one day you hear about climate gate, and then bam the lid is off. It’s done. Over. EVERYTHING that they had told you about global warming (conveniently renamed climate change) was shattered, the models used for projections massive amounts of data was quite simply created out of thin air to match an agenda. And wikileaks was the one who laid this bare, all the emails for the world to read.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about wikileaks and if they are controlled by the CIA or Mossad (whose motto is “by deception thou shalt do war”). Now I find this to be a plausible scenario but I don’t think the evidence is sound enough to justify passing judgement just yet.

So I would like to share my thoughts about wikileaks being controlled and address some of the arguments that are routinely brought up.

1. “wikileaks must be mossad because the Afghan War Diary and Iraq War Logs perpetuate the myth of Bin Laden, and Iran being a threat”

To me this has a plausible explanation that doesn’t necessarily make wikileaks a mossad op, at least a knowing mossad op.

Wikileaks, is just a way for people to anonymously leak information. They aren’t investigative journalist or spies who steal information so the information that they receive depends on someone to leak it. So being that these are hundreds of thousands of reports from the ground, the people making those reports primarily US military aren’t going to say “osama is dead and has been for years” they are just following protocols when filling out reports and they are brainwashed at least 2x the amount the American people are as to why we are over there fighting. So it is not as if everyone in the military understands yet just covers up the charade, they have been sold the same load of BS everyone has and their reports reflect their brainwashing.

The other scenario is that at least some of the documents are false and the leaker is a mossad operative and is doing so to frame Iran and perpetuate the big scary muslim threat the jews love to parade around TV so that we will continue to fight their wars. Wikileaks would have no way to know this.

2.“wikileaks must be controlled because the terror state of Israel (kikestan) comes out smelling like a rose”

This is indeed troubling. First, wikileaks is set to release several thousands israeli cables so they may well have some dirt to kick up. Also, if it was some kind of psy ops and a mossad agent released these original cables for the AWD and IWL then of course it is going to paint Israel in a nice light. Once again if people don’t leak it, wikileaks can’t run it. Now if there was evidence that wikileaks sat on information than that would change the story completely.

But there is more in my case for the (at least for now) defense of wikileaks.

Where were the detractors when they blew up climategate, or collateral murder? If they were a controlled group I just cannot see them leaking material of such tremendous caliber. Even though they would have to build up respect, these leaks, especially climategate are just too high for them to want to reveal.

You also have to look at these leaks from the point of view of the US government. Here you have a rogue group who is mildly popular worldwide but with outright persecution would only gain in popularity. What can you do? Well first you denounce them through your mainstream channels and get the sheep calling for Assanges head on a platter for aiding terrorists.

Secondly, through the non mainstream channels you spread the word that wikileaks might be controlled.

Now think about it, who is going to leak information that they might be either killed, fired, imprisoned, or fined if they are caught to a group that may be run by the CIA or Mossad? Who would donate money to this group?

Answer, nobody would and that is the point.

You now have covered 99% of your population, the 95% sheep who just mimic whatever the controlled media says or the 4 percent who might actually leak or donate to wikileaks and who get their information from non mainstream sources.

Case closed, it’s as simple as that.

So in short, to me the jury is still out on wikileaks. I could see it going either way, I sincerely hope that they are legit and that those in power are actually starting to worry that their deceit may be layed bare and that it isn’t just an act.

Time will tell, there certainly are some red flags and I proceed with caution personally. But I see no reason to pass judgement yet on wikileaks.